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Proposed administrative procedure - PREZ.01
Direct election/expulsion   of City/District Mayor

The summary of the proposed procedure PREZ.01 is as follows
  1. The citizens will elect the Mayor every 4 years.

  2. After the election, if any person wishes to be the Mayor, he may register his name before the Registrar of the District, after paying a fee.

  3. Any citizen-voter can approve upto 5 candidates for Mayor after paying approval filing fee. The Registrar's clerk will give a reciept. The approvals will NOT be confidential.

  4. If over 55% of ALL the registered voters approve a person, that person will replace the Mayor for the remainder of the term.

  5. During the term of the new Mayor, if citizens if over 51% approve any other candidate, and his approval count is highest and 2% above existing Mayor, he shall become the new Mayor for the remainder of the term.

The details are same as RLPP over City Education Officer. To see the details, how RLPP can be used to replace the officer titled as City Education Officer, please click here.

To enact the above procedure, the citizens need to pass a draft/law in District Panchayat or City Council. To see the text of the draft, please click here.

If you have any other question, please mail it to Thousand thanks in advance.

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