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PREZ.01   ---   Procedure to recall the Mayor

Procedure to Recall Mayor --- Section   1   :   Preamble
  The Act is to create an administrative procedure, using which, citizens can elect the Mayor, and more importantly expel him and replace him with someone else before his term ends.

Section   2   : Appointments of senior officers
2.1 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Mayor, Purpose: Appointment of senior officers] Within 2 days after passing this law, the Mayor will select 1 person, and appoint him as the Registrar.

Section   3   : Election of Mayor
3.1 Every 4 years, at a pre-determined date as determined by the Municipal Council, the Registrar will conduct an election in the City, where any citizen of India above 21 can register himself as a candidate after paying a deposit of Rs 20000 or as decided by the Municipal Council.
3.2 The Registrar will randomly select 10 symbols at random from a list of 5000 symbols approved by the Municipal Council, and will allow the candidate to chose any one. If the candidate had been a candidate in previous election of the Mayor, the Registrar will allow him to keep the same symbol.
3.3 The Registrar will allow every citizen to decide 2 of the candidates. The Registrar will declare candidates who has obtained highest number of votes as winner, and the Grand Jurors of the City would nominate him as the Mayor for a term of 4 years, after he has read the oath before the Grand Jurors of the City. The oath will consist of reading the following contract :

      The Contract with the Citizens

    1. I agree to serve the citizens and NOT the officers, Representatives, Ministers, regulators and judges.

    2. I believe that the citizens create the State and the Legitimacy of the State, not the Representatives, Ministers, officers, regulators or judges. Therefore, I believe that citizens own the State, not the Representatives, Ministers, officers, regulators or judges. And so, I truly believe that the law as interpreted by citizens comes above the law as interpreted by the Representatives, Ministers, officers, regulators or judges.

    3. In case of dispute about expelling me from the service, I will accept decision of the Citizen-Jurors. I promise that I would resign if over 8 out 12 Jurors declare me misfit. I promise that if I am expelled by the Jurors, I will not complaint before a judge or Mayor or Minister or anyone else.


3.4 The Registrar will refund the deposits of those who have obtained over 15% of the votes. Those who obtaibed less than 15%, the Registrar will refund the proportionate deposits (eg those who got 5% of votes will get 1/3rd back).

Section   4   : Replacement of the Mayor
4.1 [Person responsible for this procedure: Registrar; Purpose: allowing a citizen to be candidate for Mayor] Any citizen of India who wants citizensí Approval for the position of Mayor can register himself with the Registrar. The Registrar will charge a deposit of Rs 10000 and a monthly fee Rs 500 per month. There will be no fee after over 5% of ALL citizens have approved the candidate.
4.2 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar, Registrarís clerks] A citizen residing in the city can present his ID and specify the serial numbers of (at most 5) candidates he Approves for the position of Mayor. The clerk will enter the requests in the systems and give the receipt to the citizen. The citizen to change his choices any day any month.
4.2 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar] The clerk may charge a fee of Rs 2 to Rs 5 to the citizen.
4.3 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar] The citizen can withdraw his Approvals any day. There will be no fee from withdrawing the Approvals.
4.4 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar ; Purpose: Replacement of Mayor] If any candidate is approved by highest number of citizen-voters and over 51% of ALL citizen-voters, and has highest number of approvals, and has 2% more Approvals than existing Mayor, the Registrar will request the Grand Jurors to expel the existing Mayor and appoint the candidate as new Mayor, after he has read his oath before the citizens.
4.5 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar ; Purpose:] Word "citizen" in the context of Approval, means citizen above 18 and registered voter resident in the city

Section   5   : Other Details
5.1 The rupee amount used in this text uses July-2000 price levels. The standing committee can adjust the amounts every six months using RBIís Inflation Index.
5.2 If the officer does not execute a procedure or ignores an instruction stated in this Resolution/Act, a citizen can file a complaint before the Grand Jurors. In case there are is no Grand Jury, the citizens can appeal to the Mayor to setup a Grand Jury. But under this law, a citizen cannot complaint before Mayor, Corporators, CM, MLAs, PM, or MPs.
5.3 The Jurors will judge this Act, guidelines, intentions as well as the facts related to the case

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