Boostrapping India : ID.02 - Procedures to enact "District ID System"
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Proposed administrative procedure
ID.02   -   Procedures   to   enact   District   ID   System

: To create an ID system at District level.

Pre-requiste readings : ID.01.


  1. What is an ID system?
  2. Should a district be allowed to have its ID system?
  3. Features of an ID system
  4. Proposed administrative procedures #ID.02 : State level ID system
  5. Advantages of ID.02
  6. Draft of the act to create procedure ID.02

What is an ID system?

I discussed this while eloberating procedure ID.01. Please click
here for that section .

Should a district be allowed to have its ID system?

If the Central or State Govt creates a good ID system, no district really needs to have an ID system. But in case the National/State ID System is not there, or hopelessly inadequate, then a District MUST be allowed to have its own ID system.

Features of a District ID system

The District ID system should have all the features which I described in the National ID System (please click
here for that section). In addition, it should have following features :
  1. Any person who enters the district, and is NOT registered in National/State ID System, must get himself registered in the District ID system before he enters the State.

  2. If a person entering a district wishes to live for more than 1 month, and/or rent/buy land/building MUST get himself registered in the District ID system.

  3. No land/building owner in the district will rent/sell his land/building to a person who is NOT registered in the District ID system.

Proposed administrative procedures #ID.02 : District level ID system

Following are the procedures I propose to create a State level ID system
  1. The District Chief will appoint Registrar for the district or will ask an existing Registrar to take the tasks to be done under this procedure.

  2. The District Chief will appoint a System Incharge for District ID system.

  3. The citizens can replace the System Incharge using

  4. The Incharge (of ID system), after obtaining permission from the District Panchayat, or using LM.01 or otherwise, can collect a property tax run the District ID System.

  5. The System Incharge will open at least one office in one Tahsil, and in every town bigger than 100,000 of population. He may hire staff members by open competitive exams.

  6. The citizens can expel the staff members using a Jury Trial.

  7. The System Incharge's staff will create one entry for each citizen, and note details like : name, photograph, birth date on birth certificate, birth date on school leaving certificate (if different from birth on birth certificate), address, previous addresses, plot number of his addresses as given by local municipalities, finger print, blood groups, DNA-prints (at later stage) etc.

  8. The System Incharge's will issue an ID card. The ID card will have a picture, finger print, name, serial number, DoB, details blood profile, details DNA-profile and so forth.

  9. To obtain, blood/DNA profiles, the System Incharge will prepare a list of over 100 laboratories (selected after a tender) in the district which do the blood details. For each citizen, the clerk will randomly select 3 labs and the citizen will have to get blood/DNA profiles from these labs. The labs will send the details to clerks directly, and electronically.

  10. A district level senior officer will personally investigate the cases where results of different labs mismatch and disqualify the labs whose over 1% results are inaccurate.

  11. The System Incharge's staff will take photograph and finger-prints, and scan them in computer.

  12. If the parents of a person (who is appearing for registration in the District ID system), who claims to be citizen of India, are NOT registered in the District ID system, and he claims to be citizen of India, the System Incharge will seek to verify his citizenship using National ID System or using ID systems of State/District where he claims to be resident of. If the System Incharge fails to verify the citizenship, he will submit the case to the Jurors. If over 8 of 12 Jurors declare that he is NOT a citizen of India, the System Incharge will note his finger prints and blood group details, and the District Police Chief will expel him from the district.

  13. If a previously expelled person is found again in the District Chief, the Jurors may impose a prison sentence of upto 3 years.

Advantages of ID.02

Same as of ID.01. Please click
here to see the advantages.

Draft of the act to create procedure ID.02

I have drafted the text for "District ID System Act", which if passed by District Panchayat will enable citizens to create a District level ID system. To see the draft, please click here.

     Now citizens can ask Panchayat Members to pass this Act. But IMO, it will be wiser for citizens to first enact procedure LM.01, and then use LM.01 to pass this ID.02 draft WITHOUT any help from MLAs. To know about procedure LM.01, please click here.

If you have any other question, please mail it to Thousand thanks in advance.

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