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ELE.04   :   Procedure   to   Control   Power   Consumption
(if the need be)

Pre-requiste readings : RLPP

  1. Deficit power production
  2. Solution? ELE.04
  3. Advantages of ELE.04
  4. Draft of the act to create procedure ELE.04

Deficit power production

Due to enviormental reasons, or to reduce consumption of natural resources, or to overcome a gap due to faster growth in demand than supply, or a sudden drop in hydro-electrcity due to poor rainfall, a district/state may decide to put a cap on total production and thus a cap on the consumption. How can such limits be enforced?

Solution? ELE.04 - Procedures to implement restrictions on consumption (if the need be)

  1. The State Electricity Regulator will decide the per citizen limit in units (kWh), called as Electricity Allowance. The Allowance can be divided into say 100 Sub-allowances

  2. A citizen can transfer his Sub-allowances to 1 or more users using RLPP (click here for details of allocation procedure.

  3. If a user consumes more electricity than he has, the Jury will decide the fines as per the guidelines issued by the State Regulator.

Advantages of ELE.04

ELE.04 will enable citizens to manage power shortage WITHOUT load-shedding.

Draft of the act to create procedure ELE.04

To enact ELE.04, one law need to be passed in Assembly. To see the draft of that law, please click here.

     Now citizens can ask MLAs to pass this Act. But IMO, it will be wiser for citizens to first enact procedure LM.02, and then use LM.02 this ELE.04 draft WITHOUT any help from MLAs. To know about procedure LM.02, please click here.

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