Boostrapping : EDU.05 - Procedures to increase students' knowledge about corruption, nexuses etc in Government
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Proposed administrative procedure - EDU.05
Procedures   to   improve   students'   knowledge   about   corruption,   nexuses   etc.   in   Executive/Courts

: To improve students' knowledge on two issues
  • nexues and corruption etc various Govt bodies and Courts
  • atrocities and lawlessness prevelent in the society

    Pre-requiste readings :
  • EDU.01
  • EDU.04


    1. Preface
    2. Overview
    3. Advantages of EDU.05
    4. Draft of the act to create procedure EDU.05


    First, I must mention it in black and white, that I am NOT sarcastic. With all seriousness, I am proposing that schools MUST starta course which is dedicated to inform students about the irregularities prevelent in various Govt bodies and Courts, and resulting problems in the society.

    The course MUST provide detailed information to the students about prevalent rampant corruption amongst judges (including high court judges, supreme court judges and chief justices), Ministers, officers, policemen, regulators, RBI, collages/Universities etc. And the course should also contain detailed information about various nexuses such as judge-lawyer nexus, Minister-monopolist nexus, policemen-criminal nexus, officer-contractor nexus and so forth. And teh course should also provide information on police atrocities and other atrocities prevelent in society. And it should also inform students about scams, frauds and lawlessness prevelent in the society.

    I will re-mention it, I am dead serious and NOT sarcastic.

    Overview of the course

    1. The parent will decide from which year his child will start studying this subject.

    2. The subject will have several topics such
      1. The life-styles of current and retired Ministers, officers and judges -- visit to their residences
      2. Information about salaries, perks and facilities provided to various Ministers, officers and judges.
      3. Information on the incomes of current and retired Ministers, officers and judges

    3. The teacher would also hold lectures from following
      1. Lectures by family members of those who have died in police custody or prisons
      2. Lectures by retired Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, businessmen etc. who frequently deal with Ministers/officers/judges
      3. In the class, each student can propose a name of person who should be the speaker in a lecture, and the name will be chosen at random.

    4. As case study, following material may be included
      1. Detailed analysis of the judgement of judge R S Pathak in Bhopal case ; detailed analysis of silence maintained by academicians, fellow judges, retired judges, journalists, Ministers, MPs, MLAs etc on the Pathak’s judgement
      2. PVNR's case of bribing 4 MPs, and subsequent acuittal
      3. Telgi scam, Harshad Mehta scam, and various other scam

    Advantages of EDU.05

    1. Knowledge of corruption/nexuses etc will improve students' chances of survival and success

    2. It would also make them start thinking about remedies to these problems as early as possible. This will also increase the chances of problems getting solved.

    Draft of the act to create procedure EDU.05

    One law needs to be passed in City Council (or District Panchayat) to enact EDU.05. To see the draft, please click here.

         Now citizens can ask City Councilor to pass these Acts. But IMO, it will be wiser for citizens to first enact procedure LM.01 then use LM.01 to pass this EDU.05 draft WITHOUT any help from Councilors. To know about procedure LM.01, please click here.

    If you have any other question, please mail it to Thousand thanks in advance.

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