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EDU.05   ---   Improving students knowledge of nexuses

Section   1   :   Preamble
  The Act is to create an administrative procedure, using which, citizens can improve students' knowledge of nexuses. To be somewhat specific, the purpose of this act is to improve students' knowledge/information about nexuses and bribery of following individuals of GroupA
  1. City Councilers, Members of District Panchayats
  2. MLAs, MPs
  3. Ministers in State/Center
  4. CM/PM
  5. Dept Secretaries, and other senior officers
  6. Heads
with the following individuals of GroupB
  1. individuals of GroupA
  2. govt contractors
  3. criminals
  4. those who frequently come into contact with those in GroupA such as lawyers, chartered accountants, brokers etc.

Section   2   : Conducting Lectures
2.1 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: City/District Education Officer] For the list of trials which resulted in the expulsion of the officer, the Education Officer will ask the teachers to randomly select the trials, and invite the ex-Jurors and/or the complaint filer to present a lecture to students which describes the case.

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