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Proposed administrative procedure - CURR.05
Eliminating   swiss   nanks,   and   other   underground   banks

Purpose : To eliminate underground banking

  1. Underground Bank
  2. What is an Underground Bank?
  3. Are transactions in underground banks secret?
  4. Links of underground banks with commercial banks
  5. How the thugs loot the traitors who have robbed their own citizens
  6. Drug war for underground bankers
  7. CURR.05 : Procedures to end underground banks
  8. Conclusions
  9. Advatages of CURR.05
  10. Draft to create procedure CURR.05

Underground Bank

"Underground Banking" or "Banking for Criminals" is the most profitable sector of banking. It would include bankers who offer accounts in Swiss and Caribbean banks and their links with regular commercial bankers. The Underground Banks specialize in catering drug dealers, tax evading businessmen, corrupt political leaders, corrupt officers, corrupt judges, corrupt regulators, corrupt military officers, arms dealer, underworld dons and other big criminals.

What is an Underground Bank?

One may wonder, "what exactly is the difference between an underground bank and a regular commercial bank"? Answer is : NONE. There is ABSOLUTELY NO difference between an underground bank (like Swiss Bank) and a regular commercial bank like State Bank of India. It is the laws made by lawmakers of a nation which enables a commercial bank to become an underground bank.

To be specific, in US, India and most countries, banks have to follow following rules:
  1. Upon a court order, the banks are required to disclose all transactions involving a person, company or an account

  2. An unusual transaction has to be reported to govt. Such as in US, banks report all cash deposit made over $10,000.

  3. In many countries, banks also report if any check or draft of a foreign bank is deposited.

  4. Upon request of a foreign govt, US govt. may ask a bank to give all information about transactions involving a person, company or an account. Most govts in world would offer assistance to each other.
But some countries such as Switzerland and Caribbean countries have DELIBERATELY not made any such rules. On the contrary, Switzerland etc have made laws which prohibits law enforcement agencies from obtaining such details from banks. So many banks in these countries have been able to become underground banks. The countries such as India, UK, US etc. have above laws and so banks are regular commercial banks. Hypothetically, if the law-makers of Switzerland or Caribbean countries were to make above simple laws and execute them with decency, all underground banks in those countries would become regular commercial banks overnight.

Are transactions in underground banks secret?

It is nothing but a 100% PURE fallacy that transactions in underground banks, such as Swiss banks, are secret. The banks have detailed documentation of each and every transaction. Inside the bank, the accountholderís identity is very well documented, along with his voice recording, signature, photograph etc. The date and amount associated with each transaction is also recorded like any regular commercial bank. All transactions in underground banks are carried out in a way similar to regular commercial banks. The secrecy is ONLY because the lawmakers of Switzerland etc deliberately protect the underground bankers by not requiring them to disclose the information to the government officers.

Why have lawmakers of Switzerland made such laws? Because there are hand in gloves with those bankers who own the underground bankers.

Links of underground banks with regular commercial banks

The owners of regular commercial banks and underground banks are very close to each other. The Swiss underground banks are commercial banks themselves, and the families which own those banks also have stake in various commercial banks in US/Europe. The Caribbean banks are simply front office operations of American bankers. Same way banks in Mauiritus's undergroud banks are owned by some wealthy Indian families. So for all practical purposes, the underground banks are merely a cover by which money of corrupt Ministers, corrupt officers, corrupt policemen, corrupt regulators, tax evaders and other criminals get invested into commercial banks.

How the thugs loot the traitors who have robbed their own citizens

The underground banks pay low (often zero) interest on deposits. Often they would charge a fee for keeping money instead of paying an interest i.e. there is negative interest rate. What do underground bankers do with the money they obtain? They give low-interest rate loans to American and European banks, and also invest in US/European companies' shares. And in case an accont owner, such as a drug-dealer dies, his money becomes the bankís property, which will later become the bankersí property. For every $10 million a drug dealer saves, some 10% goes to his lawyer whjen he is alive and rest 90% goes to his banker after he dies.

Many underground banks have intricate rules to ensure that the money they have saved will not go into the hands of the heirs. For example, one Swiss bank had a rule that they would recognize a dead personís will about inheritance only if that will was made by an advocate or a solicitor who is licensed to practice in Switzerland. Now suppose a corrupt officer or a corrupt judge or a corrupt Minister in India has deposited money in that Swiss bank, and if he has made a will in India, the bank can refuse to recognize the will and refuse to give money to his heir. The heir can go to court but would have no evidences that his father was the actual owner of the money in that account. So the money of that corrupt Minister/officer/judge etc would simply become property of that Swiss bank.

In the same way, when a General of an African country was dethroned, the Swiss banks froze his accounts by citing the pretext that the money in his accounts came from corruption. Did that Swiss bank returned the money to that country? No. It simply froze the account.

Like this, the Swiss bankers have gobbled up money of 1000s of corrupt Ministers/officers/judges/generals all over the third world.

The corrupt Ministers/officers/judges/generals, trax evaders etc are the traitors who have recklessly robbed their commons day and night. And the underground bankers rob these traitors in broad daylight.

Drug war for underground bankers

Would a banker like war on drugs? Why not? Due to the war on drugs, the cost of drugs increases ; this increases the drug dealerís profits ; most of this income will go into an underground bank ; and when the drug dealer dies, it will become property of the bankers.

CURR.05 : Procedures to end the underground bankers

It must be noted that citizens of Switzerland are actively supporting underground bankers. For all practical purposes, Switzerland has become a rouge nation with rougue citizenry. While in case of Caribbean countries, the governments are acting without the consent of citizens. In any case, what can we commons of India do stop this havoc created by this underground bankers? Following are the administrative procedures, namely CURR.05, by which we commons of India can get rid of underground bankers :
  1. The Finance Minister of India will appoint an officer titled "Anti-Underground Banker Officer" or AUBO for short. The citizens of India can replace the Poacher using RLPP.

  2. AUBO will create a list of countries which allow underground banking. After the approval of over 50% of the District Grand Juries, AUBO would ask each bank in India not to involve in any transactions with ANY bank in countries which allow underground bankers.

  3. If any bank in India executes a transaction with an underground banker, AUBO can present the involved officer before the Jury for deciding the punishment.

  4. AUBO will also all request all the countries in the world that they should ask their banks not to involve in transactions with banks in countries which allow underground banking.

  5. After 6 month, AUBO will prepare a second list of countries where law-makers are deliberately NOT taking steps to stop transactions between banks of their countries and countries which allow or deal with underground banks. After the approval of over 50% of the District Grand Juries, AUBO will request all the banks of India to stop dealing with ALL banks in each of those countries.

  6. With the permission of over 51% of District Grand Juries, AUBO will issue a list of countries of citizens who will be prohibited from entering into India without special permission from Ministry of External Affairs and likewise, the citizens of India will be forbidden to travel in those countries without the permission from Ministry of External Affairs. For example, if Switzerland DOES NOT make the rules requiring the banks to disclose the information, then AUBO can request the District Grand Jurors to support a notification to curb travel of ALL Swiss citizens into India and travel of Indiaís citizens to Switzerland.

  7. If a citizen of India travels to a "pro-underground-banker" country, the Jurors may impose a prison sentence when he returns, or confiscate his property if he doesnt not return.

In short, AUBO's job is to isolate the countries where which deal with underground banks.

If isolation fails, India would have to take more drastic measures to persuade law makers of Switzerland etc to change their laws.


US govt. relentlessly fights war against drugs, spends billions of dollars and send several hundred thousand persons to prison. Ever wondered why NOT a single President or Senator requests Swiss and Caribbean countriesí govts. to make simple laws which would convert underground banks into regular commercial banks? Any nexus? Likewise, the officers, judges and political leaders have NEVER urged that Indiaís Parliament should issue a formal request to Swiss Parliament and citizens to stop underground bankers. Why? Any answers?

The organized criminals cannot operate without underground bankers. Abolishing underground banking will eradicate organized crimes altogether. And politically, it is NOT just easy but trivially easy to eradicate underground banking --- all that is needed is LM.03.

Advatages of CURR.05

Abolishing underground banking will drastically reduce organized crimes including high level corruption and high level tax evasion. These crimes have been able to gon ONLY due to underground banking.

Draft of the act to create procedure CURR.05

To enact CURR.05, the citizens would need to pass "RLPP/Jury over RBI/SBI" Act in the Parliament. The draft of the Act is given here.

     It will be wiser for citizens to first enact procedure LM.03, and then use LM.03 to pass this act. To know about procedure LM.03, please click here.

If you have any other question, please mail it to Thousand thanks in advance.

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