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Generic   procedures   to   reduce   nexuses

The purpose is to bring India's administration/courts at par with West. How? By improving record keeping in GoI-offices and reducing nexuses in GoI-offices and courts. How? We would need several laws to achieve that.

To see the list of some of the proposed laws, please click here. Basically, each law takes one department at a time, and lists ways to improve record-keeping and reduce nexuses in THAT specific department.

Is there any GENERIC guideline to reduce nexuses and improve record keeping? Unfortunately, I could NOT find a 100% generic formula to reduce nexuses in all departments/sections and improve record keeping. Given a department and given a procedure in department, the EXACT ways and means to cost-effectively increase Nexuslessness (i.e. reduce nexuses) end up depending on the techincal task that that department/procedure carries out.

Nevertheless, following are some semi-generic ways/laws/procedures which can be used to reduce nexuses in GoI-offices :
  1. R L P P --- I would call it the MOTHER of all nexusless procedures. This is an extremely cost-effecive and extremely low nexusprone administrative procedure. It is partially my own original discovery. RLPP is NOT my invention. It existed in the record-keeping business for 10s of years in India and all over the world (eg Indian Railways have been using RLPP, without giving it such a name, for 10-20 years). But it was indeed my idea to use it in a wide-spread way to improve the governance of India. RLPP can be used to reduce nexuses in 1)law-making 2)expulsion/replacement of senior officers 3)allocation of natural resources AND 4)review of major decision.

  2. Elections --- Replacing procedure of appointment by procedure of election reduces the nexuses in administration. In addition, it also improves the quality of individuals who occupy the post.

  3. Co-recall --- Most of the degenerations in individuals in top positions occur as citizens do NOT have an easy cost-effective procedure to recall them. RLPP provides a procedure for citizens to recall an officer, but the procedure is NOT confindetial. The citizenry may decide to have a confidential procedure to recall officers like Police Chief. In such cases, procedure of co-recall may be used.

  4. Randomized transfers : This reduces nexuses between senior officers and junior/middle officers.

  5. Expulsion by Jury : This procedure reduces nexuses between senior officers and middle/junior officers.

  6. Review by Jury : This decreases nexuses of various persons with middle/junior officers.

  7. Recruitment by written exams : This increases Nexuslessness in the procedure to recruit middle/junior officers.

  8. Relating expenses with revenue : This is less relatd with nexuses, but this strategy reduces, possibility of running into deficits.

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