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Procedure of co-recall

The Problem

Once a candidate is elected, he does NOT need voters for next 3-4-5 years. Hence he quickly changes sides, and becomes a snob, covert or overt. As soon as elections are over, the candidate forgets all the promises and focuses on serving the wealthy ones and powerful ones, so that he may get some wealth etc in return.

The Solution

The solution is trival --- to enact a procedure to recall i.e. expel. There can be several algorithm to recall a person. One algorith is RLPP. Another RLPP based recall procedure is possible in case of MLA, MP etc, which I have described here.

The only problem is that RLPP is NOT confidential, and so I would NOT use it to replace some officers like Police Chief.

A confidential procedure to recall, is what I call as CO-RECALL and it goes as follows
  1. Say a district elects police chief for a term of 4 years. And every 6 or 12 months, there are district-wide elections to elect other officials like councilors, mayors, district prosecutors, judges etc.

  2. Now say there is confidential election for police chief. Say a person wins by simple majority.

  3. Now whenever there are general district wide elections for Mayor or councilors or judges or govt lawyers or who-so=ever, then along with that election, the citizens can hold "co-recall of police chief" whose rules are as follows
    1. Any citizen, except existing police chief, can register himself as candidate for police chief
    2. The voter may vote for say 2 (or more) candidates
    3. If a candidate gets MORE than 50% of ALL registered voters, he will become nexy police chief.

  4. So please note : In the election which is held every 4 years, the condition of winning is simple majority. But in the co-recall, which may be held any number of times during the term, the condition is FAR STRONGER -- the person should get not just over 50% of those who voted, but over 50% of ALL registered voters.
The condition of co-recall ensures that those who wish the existing police chief to continue for remainder of the term do NOT have to walk to polling booth and vote for him or anyone. But at the same time, the police chief is expellable, and so he is less likely to take citizenry for granted, and he cannot assume that his term for next 4 years is fully protected. The procedure of co-recall is less effective than RLPP, but it is confidential unlike RLPP.

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