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Departmental   Inquiries,   Courts   and   Quasi-Courts

      (Pre-requisite reading : Why Jury System is superior than judge system)
  1. CT.01 - Jury System over Municipality Staff
  2. CT.02 - Jury System over State Govt Staff
  3. CT.03 - Jury System over Central Govt Staff
  4. CT.04 - Jury System in Quasi-Courts
  5. CT.05 - Jury System in Lower Courts
  6. CT.06 - Jury System in High Court
  7. CT.07 - Jury System in Supreme Court
  8. CT.08 - Election/explusion of Lower Court Judges
  9. CT.09 - Election/expulsion of High Court Judges
  10. CT.10 - Election/expulsion of Supreme Court Judges

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