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What    is    Bootstrapping?

  1. Boostrapping - Getting 1 law passed
  2. What would this 1 law achieve
  3. How can citizens make MLAs etc pass this 1 law?
  4. Summary

What   is   Bootstrapping ?

     Bootstrapping is a small time political movement that I have started.

The two and ONLY two long term goals are ---
  1. decrease nexuses in India's administration and courts.
  2. improve records of GoI offices, companies etc.
How do I propose we can accomplish these two tasks?

  1. By replacing the existing nexusprone laws with less nexusprone laws, and
  2. by passing laws that require (and also enable) govt clerks and private individuals to maintain indexed and cross-indexed records of individuals, assets etc and
  3. nothing else is needed.
Which laws will reduce nexuses and imrpove record keeping? There is a long list of such laws. The list is long, but good side is that NOTHING else is needed to make India at par with the West.

Getting the laws passed

My activism to get these laws passed is certainly political. But I would make 3 points more than clear ---
  1. I put emphasis ONLY on DIRECT action by citizens.
  2. I put NO emphasis on building a political party or an NGO
  3. I put NO emphasis on participation in elections or campaigning in election for/against anyone.
The near term goal is to get following 1 and ONLY 1 law passed in Assembly --- #LM.02 : Direct Vote in State Assembly.

What would this 1 law achieve

    What would passing this 1 law achieve?
  1. It makes law-making LESS nexusprone,     AND
  2. It makes law-making easier task for citizens     AND
  3. Nothing else
Once above happens, it would become much easier for concerned citizens to get 10s of better laws passed in the Legislatures with ease. And with this, it would be easy for citizens to change laws/prcedures related with appointment/explusion of decision-makers. This would be sufficient to improve India's administration/courts, and make them at par with West. And once that happens, India's economy and Indians' quality of life will come at par with the West.

This law will BOOTSTRAP a process that will result into creation of several better laws/procedures. Some of these laws/prcedures can be those mentioned in this list or laws/procedures similar to them. These laws will reduce the intensity of the 10s of problems found in India and not found in the West.

How can citizens make MLAs pass this 1 law?

This is a question strictly for those, and ONLY those, who agree with this laws. For those who dislike this law, the above question is a non-question.

Those who agree with the LM.02 can do the following small favors to the citizens of India :
  • Please send an email or a postal mail to MLAs to pass the above mentioned law. Here is the letter to MLA that I request you to take a print-out, sign and send it to the Council/MLA, or send an email.

  • Please also request the fellow Indian citizens, who like the idea of increasing Democraticness, to sign the above letter and mail/email them to their MLAs. And ask them to network it further. Thats all. Nothing more is needed, but nothing else will do.


    In short, the BOOTSTRAPPING is about creating a mass movement to force MLAs to get LM.02 law passed in Assembly. This law is sufficient to bootstrap a chain reaction that would reduce nexuses in India's administration and improve India to Western-level.

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