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TX.04   ---   Procedure   to   reduce   regressive taxes

Section   1   :   Preamble
  This Act is to create a procedure to reduce regressive taxes and regressive tax breaks.

Section   2   : Citizens' review on tax code made by Parliament
2.1 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: CGTC i.e. Central Govt Tax Collector] Any person can propose deletion of a clause in the Income Tax Act, or any Act or Govt rule that involes collection of Income Tax, or Wealth Tax or Excise Tax or Custom Tax or any tax by the Central Govt, but no other Act/rule, to the CGTC, after submitting a fee of Rs 500,000/-. The CGTC will select 10 Districts of India at random, and send them the proposed change to the District Jury Administrators, pay Rs 40,000 to each and request them to summon a Jury of 12 citizens, and reuqest them to provide the feedback on the proposal.
2.2 The proposer may personally or via agent appear before the Jurors and present the proposal. The CGTC may send an officer to comment on the proposal. The proposer and CGTC's officer will comment on the proposal for 1 hour each alternatively for 3 hours each a day for 3 days. If over 8 of 12 Jurors in over 5 out of 10 District Juries declare that proposal should be presented to ALL districts, the CGTC will forward the proposal for Jury's Review to ALL Jury Administrators or else he will cancel the proposal. If over 8 out of 12 Jurors in over 5 out of 10 District Juries request the CGTC to refund the fee to the proposer, and pay him expenses, the CGTC will refund the deposit and pay the proposer additional Rs 10,00,000/-.
2.3 If over 8 out 12 Jurors in over 50% of Districts approve the proposal, the CGTC will declare the proposal as the law. The citizens may later amend the law using this Act, or using Direct Vote or MPs may amend the law as per the prevailing law.

Section   3   : Other Details
3.1 If the officer does not execute a procedure or ignores an instruction stated in this Resolution/Act, a citizen can file a complaint before the Grand Jurors. In case there are is no Grand Jury, the citizens can appeal to the PM to setup a Grand Jury. But under this law, a citizen cannot complaint before PM, Corporators, PM, MLAs, PM, or MPs.
3.2 The Jurors will judge this Act, guidelines, intentions as well as the facts related to the case

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