The MRCM (Mine Rent for Citizens and Military) Party
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
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Removing    Govt    Control    over    Temples    and    other    places    of    worship

         Within one year, we promise to enact National/State-level Community Temple Trusts along the line of SGPC for all communities, sects and hand them over all the temples currently under Govt. The heads of the trusts will be replaceable by the members, and the membership will be via birth or conversion and acceptance. The heads will not be hereditary or appointed by any foreign power such as Vatican.
         We at MRCM also promise to give plots of Ram Janam Bhoomi, Kashi Vishwanath and Krishna Janam Bhoomi plots to the National Hindu Temple Community Trusts, whose head will be repleceable in one year using YESes of citizens. It has been proven again and again that Muslims had no objection against the 3 plots demanded by Hindus. The problem has worsened because Muslims were worried about BJP increasing the number from 3 to 3000 or 30,000. Essentially, it was Muslimsí lack in faith in BJP which has created the deadlock, not lack of Muslimsí faith in Hindus. The Muslims do not have faith in BJP MPs (neither do Hindus for that matter), but Muslims do have faith in Hindus as a whole. Hence if the law says that transfer of plot would need approval of 51% of citizens, it is ensured that Hindus will confine the demand to the three plots. This will resolve the 17 year old problem for once and for all and restore the communal peace in India.
         The details will be provided on this webpage.

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