Bootstrapping ---- RLPP over Central Govt Regulators
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Proposed administrative procedure
PROSEC.04 : Replacement of Central Regulators

  1. Background
  2. Existing procedure to appoint/expel Central Regulators
  3. Problem : Autocracy of Regulators
  4. Solution? PROSEC.04 : RLPP over Central Regulators
  5. Draft of the act to create procedure PROSEC.04


The purpose is to bring India's administration/courts at par with West. How? By improving record keeping in GoI-offices and reducing nexuses in GoI-offices and courts. How? We would need several laws to achieve that.

PROSEC.04 is one of these proposed laws (to see the list of some of the laws, please click here). The proposed law PROSEC.04 creates a LESS nexusprone mechanism to expel Central Regulators.

Existing procedures to appoint/expel Central Regulator

Consider Central Regulators like Telecom Regulators, Electricity Regulators, Cable Regulators etc. They are appointed by PM, and they can be expelled ONLY by PM, after a review by a commission. Suffices to say that commons have NO way to expel the Reguslators.

Autocracy of Regulators

Each Regulator has wide powers in his own domain. eg Electricity Regulators decide the electricity rates. The Electricity Regulators are appointed by PM, but since PM has no power to expel/replace them, they become immune from PM. And in any case, citizens have no control over them.

So as of today, due to absense of citizens' control, Electricity Regulators have shamelessly formed nexuses with electricity company owners, and assist them make millions at the cost of the citizens.

Same is the situation of other regulators like Telecom Regulators, Insurance Regulators etc --- zero control of citizens have led to dense chronic nexuses with oligopoly-owners.


Solution? PROSEC.04 : Procedure for citizens to expel Central Regulators

  1. The PM will appoint the regulators.

  2. The citizens can expel/replace the regulator using RLPP.
    (for details of RLPP please click here.

  3. In addition, the Regulators should be required to resolve the disputes as per the decision of the Jury. (please see proposed procedure CT.05 for details).

Draft of the act to create procedure PROSEC.04

To enact PROSEC.04, the citizens would need to pass an act in the Parliament. I have written that draft. To look at the draft, please click here.

It will be wiser for citizens to first enact procedure LM.02, and then use LM.02 to pass this act. To know about procedure LM.02, please click here.

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