The MRCM (Mine Rent for Citizens and Military) Party
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
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Overall    vision    of    MRCM    Party

         Pro-common changes come with pro-common individuals’ their thoughts. Their thoughts materialize in demands for specific changes in Govt. The demands for bringing changes in Govt intensify as pro-common individuals start communicating with each other often. And these demands go several times when they advertise their demands and promises for changes in Govt in commons. That’s about it. That’s how all changes in history that I studied of have come. There is no great mystery.
         About 1 crore citizens in India are selfless and pro-common, and willing to spend their own money and time bring pro-common political changes in India. And the fraction is same elsewhere in world. So no one should complain that “Indians dont care much” --- they care no more or no less as elsewhere. Now these 1 cr concerned citizens are distributed uniformly across caste, wealth-levels, income-levels, education etc. Of these concerned citizens, only some 100,000 are wealthy, well-informed and networked enough that they can initiate the “seed-movement”. Any agenda which appeals 10% of these 100,000 citizens is the agenda that will become popular amongst all 100cr people, if that agenda has potential of becoming popular.
         So necessary and sufficient systematic and constructive condition for bring any change is as follows : the agenda should be published ; it must have potential to become popular in bottom 90 cr to 100cr population when it becomes known to them; the individuals who like this must take pains and manage to communicate the agenda to the self-less 10,000 pro-common elitemen (out of total population of 100,000 selfless pro-common elitemen).
         We plan to circulate the agenda through the country using means such as internet, newspapers etc. The concerned citizens who like this agenda shall campaign for the agenda if not the Party. That is will sufficient for us to communicate the agenda to about 10,00,000 elitemen, of which about 10,000 are selfless and pro-common.
         Our vision is to create leaders with mass pressure, not just with mass base. The procedure of election only created leaders who had mass base, but no mass pressure. We intend to create administrative system where-in citizens can create leaders with mass pressure. Due to lack of mass pressure, the so called Parliamentary Democracy degenerated into Parliamentary Oligarchy, where in the few 800 MPs were bought out. England reduced this problem by Jury System, where in the Jury was empowered to give verdict even against the laws passed by the MPs-cum-oligarchs. But Nehru et al killed Jury System in India, and so there was not much democracy left in India since then.
         Nehru, Patel and Prasad wanted Bonsai Democracy. What is Bonsai? It is small plant, barely 2-4 inches tall, that would in picture would look like a giant tree !! (click here to know what is a Bonsai tree). Which is why Nehru, Patel, Prasad and other intellectuals enacted Art-22 in Constitution to wipe out liberty promised in Art-16 and they killed Jury System --- which was pillar of Liberty in UK, US and all over India. In addition, US had made significant progress in Democratic structures – elected of District Police Chief, District Education Officers, Constitutionalized Jury System, referendums, recalls etc. All these were summarily trashed by Nehru et al by citing a highly enlightened and egalitarian reason --- Indians are morons, and so they dont deserve these powers.
         And finally, why do we want to create leaders with mass pressure to begin with? Why am I creating MRCM Party to begin with? Very few have realized, but since 5000 BC to now, politics has always been about land and natural resources such as land, waters, iron ore, coal or lately crude oil. All this talk of knowledge based economy is just a baloney created by intellectuals bribed by Western elitemen to fool the concerned citizens of India and take their focus away from Natural Resources and royalties and rents from it. The politics has always been about mines and lands, and different leaders got sponsorship for elitemen to obtain access to these mines and lands. And the Military has been only know tool to protect it. Most CMs and even our PM at the end of the day is nothing but an agent of elitemen who delivers them favorable access to mines and lands, and excludes the others. We too want to do the same --- by creating procedures by which citizens can expel/replace leaders, we want to create leaders who shall ensure that their sponsors namely citizens get rents from mines and lands.
         IOW, the 99% reason why I am creating MRCM Party is to dispatch the mines’ royalties and rents from GoI plots. We have goals such recalls, reducing corruption, improving police, improving courts etc but all that is only so that mining, land usage and rent-dispatchment can occur smoothly.

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