The MRCM (Mine Rent for Citizens and Military) Party
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
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Enacting    Person-ID System , Citizen-ID system

  1. Lack of ID-system
  2. Expectations from a Citizen-ID system
  3. Person-ID system , Citizen-ID system
  4. Summary of Person-ID system MRCM demands and promises
  5. Details of the Govt Order to Person-ID system
  6. Cost of Person-ID system
  7. Advantages of Person-ID system
  8. Building Family Trees using DNA data
  9. ID system in United States
  10. Other party’s stand on National Person-ID system
  11. Review Questions

1.    Lack of ID-system

         So rotten are our officers and Ministers, that are our all existing ID systems, ration card, election card, PAN-ID etc are so defunct that many citizens have lost faith that an “ID system” can be built. To make matter worse, the intellectuals have sworn not to inform citizens about ID systems, and so many people still believe that ID system just means “issuing a card” , which is not the case (the important part in an ID system is an entry into Govt CDs --- not the card which can be easily forged.) . And the intellectuals keep misleading people by saying lies like : “ US has ID system --- they haven’t been able to stop illegals" . I shall later refute that lie.
         What is ID –system? ID-system is NOT card alone – the card is tiny part of it. An ID system is a system where-in records of citizens , other persons, companies etc are obtained accurately. A foolproof ID-system is trivially possible, and is highly inexpensive on per capita basis. And the ID-system trivially solves many problems
  1. If Person-ID system combined with a law that “employer must report employee’s ID, finger print, photo” can reduce infiltration of Bangladeshies to less than 1% of what is now
  2. can eliminate be-naami land holdings
  3. can reduce tax evasions
  4. can reduce cost of record keeping every Govt dept
  5. eases the task of tracking suspects and thus reduce policing costs
  6. the DNA database is extremely useful in tracking rapists and many other criminals
         And there are 10s of major benefits. For India, if ID system and law to “report every employee” is not enacted, then population of Bangladeshies will increase in North East to a point that NE will become part of Bangladesh and cores of Indians in NE will be killed the way they were killed in 1947.
         The MRCM party promises to create Person-ID system within one year, and a Citizen-ID system in 3 years. The drafts of Govt Orders needed to enact the Person-ID system and Citizen-ID system is given in this Manifesto.

2.    Expectations from a Citizen-ID system

         This book is our Manifesto. We really did not prefer to describe what ID system means. But sadly, intellectuals of India are so intensely against giving information about ID system to us commons, that most of us do not even know what ID system means and what it can do.
         A Citizen-ID system is a system which enables a community and a govt officer to ensure that a particular person is “one of us”, he is whom he says and he is same as one described in the Govt records. Following are some of the issues related to an ID-system
  1. ID number must not change for life
  2. ID number should be unique nation wide
  3. Every citizen must have ID, and non-citizen should have different type of ID
  4. The citizen must get a serial number as soon as he applies. And it is possible to cut the delay to say 15 minutes, rather than days
  5. It should be possible to fix the errors in Govt records within minutes.
  6. A citizen must be able to get a new ID card if his original one is lost within hours
  7. There should be sufficient details on the card so that it is possible and easy for an officer to ensure that the person holding the ID card is same as the person in the card.
         The modern technology has solved these problems some 20 to 30 years ago. And today, they have been solved to the level of triviality. How? Consider finger print. By scanning finger prints in computer, the identity of a person can be checked. Now say in a population of 10 lakh say some 1000 citizens have fraudulently obtained two different ID cards. Then by comparing the finger prints, the modern computers can detect over 95% of these duplicates within hours. Also, a person can be required to submit blood group details such as ABO, +/-, MN, K etc factors. Basically, there some two dozen factors in human blood which makes blood group of a person “nearly” unique. If same person has obtained two different ID numbers, his blood group details on the cards will be same, and a computer by detecting duplicates can catch him. And once the system gets funding to obtain DNA profiles, all identity and duplicate related issues will vanish.

3.    Person-ID system , Citizen-ID system

         US has a population of about 30 crores of which about 2 crore are illegal immigrants. India has population of 110 crores and as per various estimates, we have 2 crore to 3 crore illegal Pakistanis and Bangladeshies. But US has a system of records in place to prove or disprove whether the person is illegal immigrant or legal immigrant or a citizen. Whereas India does not have any such system of records. So we demand, promise to build citizen-ID system in following way
  1. Build Person-ID system : Issue Person-ID to every person in India and their children within one year
  2. One year later, the Person-ID will be issued to only those whose both parents have person-ID. Thus new coming adult Bangladeshies will not be able to get Person-ID
  3. Enact a law that employers will need to report Employee’s Person-ID to Govt. This will enable Govt to track down fake IDs and catch Bangladeshies with fake IDs. This will disable new coming adult Bangladeshies to get jobs in India , and so their inflow will reduce.
  4. After one year, build DNA database and “relative tree” in the system – i.e. each person in system is linked to as many of his blood relatives as possible.
  5. The person with Person-ID may approach institutions who have issued him certificates such as school leaving certificates, college degrees etc. The institutions will upload the certificates with Person-ID on registrar’s website.
  6. A person can verify his records on Registrar’s website using his Person-ID
  7. After one year, start Jury based tribunal to decide which person is Indian or non-Indian. After his non-Indian-ness is verified, he will be expelled from India. Such trials would go on for about 2 years
  8. After 2 years, the Person-ID system will become Citizen-ID system

4.    Summary of Person-ID system MRCM demands and promises

         So an ID-card should have following details
  1. ID number : 11 digit ID number issued to all adults and later only at birth
  2. Name, address, parents’ name, parents’ IDs
  3. Names , IDs , relation of 200 or less relatives. This feature will be useful in expelling Bangladeshies.
  4. Date of issuing ID card, place of issuing ID card
  5. Photographs
  6. Names on other IDs such as ration card , school certificate if different
  7. Date of birth, Approximate year of birth if DoB proof is not available, DoB as on other certificates.
  8. Fingerprints : prints of thumbs and all fingers
  9. Blood group details from randomly chosen three different labs.
  10. DNA-prints : if and when cost becomes affordable. In the beginning, the DNA prints should be made compulsory for all Govt servants, then all citizens who earn above Rs 10 lakhs a year, then citizens who earn Rs 5 lakhs a year, then all citizens who earn Rs 200,000 a year and then all citizens at their cost and time.
  11. If a non-citizen has obtained an ID by fraud, the Jurors can issue a prison sentence of up to 10 years. This will be also helpful in expelling Bangladeshies and Pakistani intruders.

5.    Details of the Govt Order to Person-ID system

Basic Setup
  1. The PM will appoint a Registrar over Person-ID system. The citizens may replace him using replacement procedures.
  2. The PM will allocate funds necessary to him to create Person-ID system. or the Registrar may submit a proposal which and when get approved by citizens or MPs he shall get the necessary funds.
  3. The citizens can expel the staff of Person-ID system using a Jury Trial.
  4. The Registrar (or his staff) will issue an 11 digit serial number starting with 2 , 3 or 4 for each citizen of India resident in the district with following details : name as on ration, photograph, birth date on birth certificate, birth date on school leaving certificate (if different from birth on birth certificate), address, finger print, blood groups, DNA-prints (at later stage), serial number etc. The 11th digit will be ‘checksum’ digit.
  5. For first year, any a person who states he is Indian citizen shall get the Person-ID. Later, if a National-level Jury decide that he was not Indian citizen, the Jurors may sentence him for up to 10 years in prison.
  6. The Registrar will issue two ID cards - a long and a short. The small card will have only 4 details such as Name, ID number, DoB and photo and finger print. The long card will have several details such as name on ration card, name on school leaving certificate, name on PAN-ID, name of Passport, various dates of birth on passport, school leaving certificate and details blood profile, detailed DNA-profile if available and so forth.
  7. The Registrar’s staff will take photograph and finger-prints, and scan them in computer. For each citizen, the supervisor will select 3 clerks at random who will take finger prints, photographs and scan them in computer. The Registrar will appoint and officer to investigate the cases where in these 3 finger prints mismatch and clerks who make errors will be expelled
  8. To obtain, blood profiles, the Registrar will have about 20-40 technicians in Tahsil office to find the blood details. For each citizen, the Registrar’s clerk will randomly select 3 technicians and the who will take the blood. The blood group details will be entered only if all 3 give same results. The Registrar will personally investigate the cases where there is mismatch and disqualify the technician whose over 1% results are inaccurate.
  9. Later, Registrar will take DNA details of a all citizens with in decreasing order of age.

6.    Cost of Person-ID system

         DNA fingerprints will be later added into the system. The above Person-ID system without blood group details and (without DNA-prints) will cost Rs 20 to Rs 50 per person and about Rs 5000 crore for whole of India. This system will be sufficient to stop inflow of Bangladeshies. The cost of blood group details will be about Rs 100 to Rs 200 and cost of DNA profile will be about Rs 1000 when done at mass scale. So the cost to build Person-ID system with DNA for whole India will be about Rs 120,000 cr or so. This cost is worth to save Asam from becoming part of Bangladesh.

7.    Advantages of Person-ID system

  1. Once person-ID system is enacted and every person has a person-ID, it will become possible for Govt to issue a GO that employers must report Employee’s Person-ID , and Jury may fine an employer who hires many ID-less persons. So illegal immigrants will have two options --- leave India or obtaining fake-ID or use someone else’s ID. Obtaining ID will not be possible for anyone except newborns after first year. And if he uses someone else’s ID, he will get tracked by the Govt authorities. Thus with Person-ID system, inflow of new Bangladeshies will decrease.
  2. Once every person has ID and payer-receivers to report IDs of each other, the under-reporting of income and over-reporting of payments will reduce. This will reduce income tax evasion.
  3. Once every person has ID and land records are tied with IDs, the under-reporting of wealth and will reduce. This will reduce wealth tax evasion.
  4. With DNA database, the forensic will be improve and tracking suspects will become easier
  5. With Person-ID system, tracking escapees and those who evade summons will become easier. And so law-order situation will improve.

8.    Building Family Trees using DNA data

         Lets say as on Jan-1 of year 2010 everyone’s DNA data of every person over 3 months old is in the system. Now each person can be asked to give names, IDs of his relatives. After inputting this in the system and using DNA data, the relations can be actually verified to a considerable extent. Parent-child has 50% DNA in common, siblings with same both parents have over 50% DNA in common, with one parent same have 25% DNA in common, grand child and grand parent have 25% in common, cousins have about 25% DNA in common and so forth. Using this data, a number of blood relations of a person can be verified. Higher the number of blood relatives he has, lesser are the chances the that he is immigrant. And thus using verified blood relative information, many illegal Bangladeshies who have just zero or few blood relatives can be easily identified out with a good accuracy. The system wont be able to track each of the 2cr illegal Bangladeshi, but will be able to track down sizeable number of them.

9.    ID system in United States

         Intellectuals have mislead citizens by saying that “US has ID system, but US has not been able to stop illegal immigration, so India must not waste time and money into ID system”. Their claims are wrong. US does have ID system and records that make US Govt capable of proving and disproving that person is citizen, legal immigrant or illegal immigrants. So US Govt is capable of expelling all illegal immigrants if and when needed. The USG does not expel the illegal immigrants as they provide cheap labor and are not threat to security and integrity of US. So while ID system has given capability to US to expel illegals, they dont use it for their interests. Where as in India, we have no record keeping system as of now to prove , disprove if a person is citizen or not. So we are not even in position of expelling illegals within months or even years. The records as of now are so incomplete that citizenship of mere 10% population can be fully established. Further, the Bangladeshi immigrants are threat to our security as well as integrity. So not only Indian intellectuals are lying, they are working against Indian interests in opposing ID system. We request all non-80G-activists of India to confront these intellectuals and prove to citizens that these intellectuals are anti-India.

10.    Other party’s stand on National Person-ID system

         All parties, including BJP, is against National-ID system. Which is why BJP leaders such as LKA, Pramod, Shourie, ABV etc refused to implement Person-ID system in their 7 years of regime. The reason is trivial --- a person-ID system makes it difficult to hide black wealth and black money and since they are supporters of these elitemen, they are all opposing National-ID system. We request citizen not to vote for these leaders as they are opposing National-ID system.

11.    Review Questions

  1. Which ID is universal and compulsory in India as of now?
  2. True/False : US has no system in place to identify legality of illegal immigrants
  3. Lets say the as on Jan-1-2009, everyone in India older than six months has Person-ID and employers are required to report Person-ID. Now explain how an adult illegal Bangladeshi can obtain employment in India
  4. Say person-ID is tagged with DNA. Now consider a person who has no blood relative in DNA database. What are the chances he is immigrant?

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