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The    five    MRCM    proposals    re-visited.

  1. Problem : Disinformation intellectuals have created
  2. Solution : Our first five MRCM demands
  3. Exercises

1.    Problem : Disinformation intellectuals have created

         Let us look at current state of affairs. In general, each citizen knows what he wants. He also knows what his family members, relatives, neighbors etc need/want. But information on what others at distance want/need is via mediamen and intellectuals. And this where tragedy is. The intellectuals and mediamen creatively re-phrase the opinions expressed by commons (sample) to suit the agenda of elitemen who have sponsored these mediamen and intellectuals. And using this creative re-phrasing, they misguide the concerned citizens. As a result, the concerned citizens fail to act in a away that would help the commons. I request the reader to re-read every word of this paragraph twice.

         There are many ways intellectuals give wrong projections of commons' opinions. First, a large number of relevant issues are left out. For example, consider the issue of IIMA paying land rent to the citizens of India for using the citizens' the land or giving mine royalties to citizens. This question is never even brought before commons, or even their students, for discussion and opinion. IOW, one way to create wrong projection is by hiding the issue itself. Second way is by shifting the blames : when there are two factors responsible for an event, they will focus only one factor and not the other. And thirdly, by outright lies. e.g. most commons in India believe that judges are as corrupt as traffic constables, and intellectuals in India speak just the opposite.

         For details, consider following examples
  1. Consider the issue of Land Rent over plots of IIMA, JNU, Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Gujarat University and 1000s of such plots owned by GoI. All the plots owned by GoI belong to us commons, and commons have moral right to collect land rent over those plots . I repeat : the plot of IIMA and all GoI owned plots belong to me and my 110 crore common brethren and sistern; and we have rights to collect rent over it. In addition, we commons also have moral right over all the royalty that comes from mines etc. The income is fully ethical by capitalist norms, as we the commons own these plots and mines. This income will reduce poverty. Must mediamen and intellectuals have WRONGLY convinced concerned citizens following
  2. The land and mines belongs to the State and it is NOT the property of us commons
  3. The commons do NOT want land rent and mines' royalty
  4. Such land rent is bad for commons
         And many such assorted nonsense is thrown.
         Due to above disinformation, the concerned citizens never realized that commons are losing the land rent duly entitled to them as per the libertarian ethics.

  1. Consider multiplexes in Gujarat. The tax on ordinary theatres whose ticket price is Rs 5 to Rs 25 is 100% over price while that in multiplex of Rs 100 ticket is only Rs 1. In Gujarat, ALL intellectuals have supported this regressive tax. And they have told the well meaning citizens that commons support this tax structure as commons believe that the tax is good for commons !!

  2. Consider the issue of regressive taxation. In India, intellectuals support taxes on tobacco, gutka, tea, coffee, bear, betelnut etc and are hostile to wealth tax. The reason they say is "commons want taxes on tobacco as tobacco is bad for health; and commons do not want wealth tax as many old people wont be able to pay such taxes". Again, this is just some nonsense coming out from intellectuals – commons do NOT have such defunct thoughts

  3. Most commons in India want procedure to expel MPs, MLAs, CMs and PM. But once again, intellectuals have lied, and convinced most concerned citizens that commons DO NOT want such expulsion procedures.

  4. Most commons in India want police chiefs, public prosecutors, judges including SCjs etc to be elected and also want procedures to expel them. The commons and sick and tired of the fact that police chiefs, public prosecutors, district judges, HCjs, SCjs are imposed from top and pushed down their throat. The commons in India also hate the fact that they have no way to replace police chiefs, judges, SCjs etc and so they have to suffer the assorted atrocities and harassments that come from them. But once again, intellectuals and mediamen have convinced the activists just the opposite. Thanks to continuous disinformation campaign unleashed by intellectuals, most concerned citizens believe that commons in India want judges etc to be imposed from the top, and do not want their election.

         So all in all, today's concerned citizens simply do NOT know what are opinions of commons on various issues. Now a large number of concerned citizens and commons agree on most issues, but each one, thanks to disinformation spread by mediamen and intellectuals thinks that he is the only one thinks that way, and everyone else thinks differently. So each concerned citizen thinks that is alone, and no one cares. This disinformation has converted every concerned citizen into a passive observer than an active participant.

2.    Solution : Our first five MRCM demands

         Now I shall recite the first five Govt Orders we demand and promise , and show how they solve the problem of disinformation :
  1. Enable citizens to propose ENs and enable citizens to register YES/NO on proposed ENs and laws passed for Rs 3 on GoI website.
  2. If a proposed Govt Order is approved by over 50% of all citizen-voters , then CM, PM may sign the Govt Order without delay.
  3. A Govt Order which shall enable citizens to replace Land Rent Officer, who shall collect rents from all Govt plots such IIMA, JNU etc plots, airport plots and all 10000s of plots under GoI, shall collect royalties from mines, oil wells etc and dispatch the rents collected as 34% to military and rest equally amongst all citizens of India.
  4. Enable citizens to register approvals for CM, PM candidates and replacement of CMs and PM when approval counts exceed the voted CM, PM have fetched and their approval counts.
  5. Create procedure by which we commons can replace SC-Cj if the need be.
         The first two proposed ENs will enable activists to directly know what citizens know. and will thwart the ability of intellectuals to misguide the activists. This will strengthen the pro-citizen movements. The third MRCM-Recall demand will prove for once and for all that citizens want rent ; they do NOT want Ministers, officers to keep it. And the forth and fifth procedure creates a tool by similar such procedure can be implemented.

3.    Exercises

  1. Explain why citizens do not want mine royalties and land rent? And in case you think citizens do want land rent, you suggesting that intellectuals of India, who firmly insist that citizens do not want land rent lying?
  2. Why do intellectuals of India insist that citizens of India have inferior “Political Culture”, and not worthy of political powers US citizens have in US?

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