The MRCM (Mine Rent for Citizens and Military) Party
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
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MRCM’s    demands ,    promises    to    improve    Military

  1. Summary of change MRCM demands, promises
  2. What if we dont improve Military
  3. Other party’s and intellectuals stand on improving Military
  4. Exercises

1.    Summary of change MRCM demands, promises

         We demand and promise to bring following changes regarding Indian Military using Third MRCM Govt Order as tool and by obtaining YESes of citizens on the Govt Orders and Ordinances needed to bring following changes.
  1. Enact procedures so that the royalties from all the mines and rents from GoI plots gets divided as --- 1/3rd to the Indian Military, 2/3rd to citizens of India
  2. Enact a wealth tax for Military which is 1% of market value of non-agricultural land above 100 sq meters per person, and use that fund on military only.
  3. Increase the number of soldiers from 10,00,000 to 30,00,000
  4. Increase the salaries of soldiers by 200% as of now (Jun-2008), and an increase of 100% effective Jan-2001
  5. Universal Military Training : Introduce compulsory weapon use education for all citizens of India, be school kids of 6th onwards or adults.
  6. Recruit 100,000 engineers and 500,000 laborers to increase weapon production from guns to tanks to airplanes or nuclear bombs and missiles.
  7. IITs, IISc will come under DRDO. 15 year draft will apply on those who join this colleges
  8. Increase the nuclear arsenal of India to establish parity with China
  9. Conduct ten 3000 kiloton atmospheric nuclear tests and forty 100 to 3000 kiloton plus ground nuclear tests to be at par with China
         The drafts of the Govt Orders and Ordinances needed to bring above changes in Military are on this web page.

2.    What if we dont improve Military

         India will go Iraq way. In 1700s, the strength of UK Military became 10 times that of Indian Military due to superiority of weapons and more cohesiveness in British society which was due to fairer administration and courts. And so they were able to enslave India. The West weakened due to WW2 and is now strong again. If India doesn’t strengthen the Military, India will go Iraq way.

3.    Other party’s and intellectuals stand on improving Military

         The leaders of other parties and all intellectuals are simply hostile to improve Military. Every party leader has refused to implement Universal Weapon Education as they are scared that citizens may rebel against their corruption and atrocities. And they also oppose raising salaries of soldiers as they want to keep taxes on elitemen low. Every party’s leaders have refused to bring Nuclear Weapon at parity with even China, forget USA and Russia. The salaries paid to Engineers in Military sector is so low that few engineers join them, and so manufacturing is in shambles. The weapon manufacturing program is so weak that e are even importing Bofors shells, forget manufacturing the howitzer. And we are even importing AK-47 rifles. All projects such as Arjun Tank, LCA and Kaveri Engine etc are in shambles as engineers are not joining these low paying jobs. And the leaders have refused to raise salaries of engineers since 1991.
         The income gap between The salaries of middle level officers is so low that even young men from Military families are now refusing to join Military. The Military officers once used to encourage their sons and nephews to join Military and now due to pathetically low salaries, and the salaries are low ONLY because the leaders are hostile in raising them. The salaries are so low that out of the sanctioned strength of 40000 officers, 12000 are vacant. And in reality, we need 200,000 officers not just 40000
         The leaders insist that the salaries of soldiers should be no more than 20% more than policemen and officers !! We all know that no young man would join police force or babudom if salaries were their only incomes. The mediamen have created image soldiers are corrupt and so need no raise. This is utter nonsense. Compare 10,00,000 soldiers with 15,00,000 constables in police we have or with 15,00,000 clerks we have in Govt. Each constable or clerk has some discretionary powers of citizen, while soldier has none. So while over 80% of the constables and clerks have opportunities to collect bribes, less than 1% of any of the soldiers have any such opportunities. Compare 40000 officers in Army with 40,000 PSI or above policemen and with Tahsildar or above ranked officers. Less than 5% of officers have any discretionary powers that would get them any bribes. The so called purchases are done by IAS in Defense Ministry and only very high level officers (top 200 or so) are involved in decision making. The mediamen get bribes from foreign powers to create an image that soldiers are corrupt, and so they have created this myth that soldiers are corrupt and so need no raise in salaries.
         We request all citizens to ask their favorite party’s leaders on what they intend to do on issue of strengthening the Military and decide if they are worth voting for. And we also request activists to ask intellectuals on this issue, and decide if they are worth following.

4.    Exercises

  1. How many nuclear explosions have China and India each conducted till now and how? What were the yields in the highest explosions?
  2. How many soldiers US has per lakh citizens? What is corresponding number for India, Pakistan, China, Russia?
  3. What is the salary of an Indian young men who joined Military say 10 years after he joined NDA?
  4. What salary of typical Infosys or IT company employee gets 10 years after he passes out from college?
  5. I strongly urge the reader to watch following movie - Omar Mukhtar

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