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Draft   to   enact   procedure
ID.01   ---   Enacting   National   ID   Card   System

Section   1   :   Preamble
  This Act is to create a less nexusprone procedure to enact a National ID card system.

Section   2   : Format of the act
2.1 Many of the clauses of this law are procedures or instructions, which may be an order or a request. The clause has list of persons for whom that procedure/instruction is meant for.

Section   3   : Appointments of senior officers and their main powers
3.1 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: PM ; Purpose: Appointment of senior officers] The PM will appoint a Registrar and a NIDO (National ID Officer) in-charge of issuing National ID cards.

Section   4   : Procedure for citizens to replace NIDO
4.1 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar; Purpose: allowing a citizen to be candidate for NIDO] Any citizen of India who wants citizensí Approval for the position of National ID Officer can register himself with the Registrar. The Registrar will charge a deposit of Rs 20000 and a monthly fee Rs 2000 per month. There will be no fee after over 1% of ALL citizens of India have approved the candidate.
4.1 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar, Registrarís clerks] A citizen residing in India can present his ID and specify the serial numbers of at most 5 candidates he Approves for the position of NIDO.
4.2 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar] The clerk may charge a fee of Rs 2 to Rs 5 to the citizen.
4.3 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar] The citizen can withdraw his Approvals any day. There will be no fee from withdrawing the Approvals.
4.4 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: PM ; Purpose: Replacement of NIDO] If any candidate for the seat of NIDO is approved by highest number of citizen-voters and over 25% of ALL citizen-voters of India, the PM will appoint him as new NIDO Chairman within 2 days. If any candidate is approved by over 25% of ALL citizen-voters and his approval is 1% more than existing NIDO Chairman, the PM will appoint him as new NIDO within 2 days.
4.5 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar ; ] Word "citizen" in the context of Approval, means citizen above 18 and registered voter resident in the city

Section   5   : Jury Trial against an employee of NIDO

The citizens can expel any NIDO's employee after a Jury Trial as described "Jury System over Central Govt Staff" Act (*)

Section   6   : Issuing National IDn cards
6.1 [Procedure for NIDO] The NIDO after obtaining permission from the Parliament, using LM.03 or otherwise, can collect a property tax or income tax to run the National ID System.
6.2 [Procedure for NIDO] The NIDO will divide the country into zones of roughly 100,000 of population, and will appoint a Zonal Officer for each zone.
6.3 [Procedure for NIDO, Zonal Officers] The Zonal ID Officer will maintain a register, and will create one page (entry) for each citizen living in the zone as and note details like : citizen's name, parents' names, photograph, birth date on birth certificate, birth date on school leaving certificate (if different from birth on birth certificate), address, previous addresses, plot number of his current address as given by local municipalities, finger print and blood group details and parents' ID numbers. At a later stage , the Zonal Officers will also note retina maps and DNA-prints.
6.4 [Procedure for NIDO, Zonal Officers] The Zonal Officers will issue an ID card. The ID card will have a 12 digit serial number which must be unique across the country, picture, finger print, name, DoB, details of blood profile, details DNA-profile and so forth. The Zonal Officer will issue a serial number from the list of serial numbers that are sent to him by NIDO.
6.5 [Procedure for Zonal Officers] To obtain, blood/DNA profiles, the Zonal Officers will prepare a list of over 100 laboratories (selected after a tender) in the district which do the blood/DNA details. For each citizen, the clerk will randomly select 1-3 labs and the citizen will have to get blood/DNA profiles from these labs. The labs will send the details to clerks directly, and electronically.
6.6 [Procedure for Zonal Officers] The Zonal Officer will personally investigate the cases where results of different labs mismatch and disqualify the labs whose over 1% results are inaccurate.
6.7 [Procedure for Zonal Officers] The Zonal Officer's staff will take photograph and finger-prints, and scan them in computer. They will also enter ALL other field in the computer twice so that errors can detenced and corrected.
6.8 [Procedure for NIDO, Zonal Officers] For 1 year after passing of this law, the Zonal Officers will register ONLY the infants below the age of 3 months. And if a person who is NOT an infant, and is NOT registered in the ID System, the Jurors can decide a fine on the person *or his parents if the person is below 18).
6.9 [Procedure for NIDO, Zonal Officers] The Zonal Officers will send the the registration information to NIDO electronically at least once every week.
6.10 [Procedure for Zonal Officers] The Zonal Officer will match the DNA and blood group details of the newly entered person with the DNA and blood group details of the parents, if those details are present in the system. If there is a mismatch which indicates that the newly registered person is NOT the offspring the stated parent, the Zonal Officer will submit the case to 3 techinical experts chosen at random from a panel of 100 experts, and ask them to investigate. The Zonal Officer will then submit the findings to the Jurors. The Zonal Officer will confirm the entry ONLY if over 8 out of 12 Jurors direct him to do so.

Section   7   : Other Details
7.1 If the officer does not execute a procedure or ignores an instruction stated in this Resolution/Act, a citizen can file a complaint before the Grand Jurors. In case there are is no Grand Jury, the citizens can appeal to the PM to setup a Grand Jury. But under this law, a citizen cannot complaint before PM, Corporators, PM, MLAs, PM, or MPs.
7.2 The Jurors will judge this Act, guidelines, intentions as well as the facts related to the case

-----------------(end of the DRAFT-2) -----------------

(*) -- To see the text of proposed "Jury Trial over Central Govt Staff" Act, please click here.