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Exposing    the    leaders    and    intellectuals    of    India

         One goal of MRCM-Recall Party is to expose other leaders and all eminent intellectuals, and prove to every non-80G-activist that these intellectuals are agents of elitemen and so they are anti-common.

         One of the firm beliefs we at MRCM-Recall Party have is that intellectuals are and have always been agents of elitemen for past 5000 years. To prove our point, I shall give the example of Prof Dr Dronacharya who was the Vice Chancellor of Hastinapur University. He was one of topmost two dozen intellectuals of Universe back then. Even when Draupadi was being abused in Supreme Court of Hastinapur by Justice Duryodhan and Justice Dushashan, Prof Dr. Dronacharya had supported Justice Duryodhan and Justice Dushashan ; Prof Dr. Dronacharya did not oppose these two Justices and did not say a word in support of Draupadi. Even later, Prof Dr Dronacharya did NOT demand imprisonment or even expulsion of Justice Duryodhan and Justice Dushashan. Why? Because father of these two Justices, Chief Justice of Hastinapur Dhritarashtra had made Prof Dr Dronacharya Vice Chancellor or Hastinapur University. IOW, Prof Dr Dronacharya sold out his ethics etc for position, money etc. If these were the intellectuals of Dwapar Yug, we must not even expect the intellectuals of Kalyug to support commons against elitemen in our quest of obtaining land rent and mineral royalties. We know that the intellectuals would oppose us, and by their opposition we want to convince the citizens that they are agents of elitemen

         Now consider the First Executive Notification we at MRCM-Recall Party demand. It is a very tiny change in administration. The change is nothing but citizenís participation in Govt website via Talatiís office for Rs 3 fee. The procedure involves mere registration of YES/NO via Talatiís office. The population that does not have phones or internet is included. The Talatiís office can have video camera to trace imposters. So the procedure is a tiny small change and quite fool proof. So why are the intellectuals so hostile to our MRCMís first demand?

         The one and ONLY reason why intellectuals, CMs etc oppose this proposal is --- they do NOT want true and non-80G-activists to know what we commons want. Because if true activists realize what the citizens want, then the intellectuals will no longer be able to misguide activists to alternate agendas that protect and benefit the elitemen. And if elitemen see that intellectuals and neta can no longer misguide the concerned citizens, they will stop paying intellectuals. Further, if concerned citizens start adopting the agenda of commons, as available from citizensí YES/NO on Govt websites, then elitemen may lose heavily. I would give an analogy. Consider us commons as patients and the non-80G-activist as doctor interested in serving patients. Sadly, the doctor gets no chance to meet patients and have to depend on intellectuals to know what patients want. And the intellectuals misguide the doctors and despite the best efforts of the doctor, the patients suffer. The First MRCM demand creates a way by which patients (i.e. people) and doctors (non-80G-activists) communicate directly. This is the ONLY reason why intellectuals would oppose this Executive Notification --- to stop the agenda of commons so that elitemen can be protected and benefited.

         But this proposal and hostility of intellectuals towards the First Proposed Executive Notification exposes the mentality of Indian intellectuals whom I love to refer them as ku-budheejeevi . Many intellectuals have written essays on citizensí participation in Govt. They give tall talks on empowerment of commons, they make loud voice on freed speech. And lo and behold, intellectuals are opposing the registration of us commonsí speech on Govt website. That on the laws that are binding on us commons !! Why are intellectuals scared of free speech? Why are they so scared of registration of free speech on Govt Website? One and only one reason --- speech is going to expose something they are hiding from activists.

         The laws made by Assembly and Parliament play important role. These are the laws on the basis of which millions of commons may face arrest, fined and/or imprisoned. These are the laws on the basis of which billions of rupees of taxes are collected from citizens and mines and plots worth trillions of rupees are allocated. And intellectuals and leaders insist that a commonís YES/NO MUST not appear on Govt website. Even if that common pays Rs 3 fee to cover expenses. And yet intellectuals oppose this trivial demand that us commons YES/NO should come on GoI website. Are this intellectuals any different from Prof Dr Dronacharya who supported Justice Duryodhan and Justice Dushashan even when they were molesting Draupadi right in the Supreme Court of Hastinapur?

Review questions

  1. Why did Prof Dr Dronacharya did not oppose Justice Duryodhan and Justice Dushashan and supported them, even when they were abusing Draupadi right in the Supreme Court of Hastinapur?
  2. Why do intellectuals of modern India oppose first Executive Notification MRCM Party is demanding?
  3. If you support the MRCMís first demand, then we request you to write names of 10 eminent intellectuals whom you know, and meet/call and find out why they oppose the First MRCM demand.
  4. Consider a tax laws which says that tax on base price of Rs 25 movie ticket will be Rs 27, where as tax on special theatres with Rs 150 ticket will be Rs 1. What % of Indian population, in your opinion, will support this law? What % of intellectuals would oppose this law?

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