The MRCM (Mine Rent for Citizens and Military) Party
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
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MRCM's    promises    to    reduce    Bangladeshies'    inflow    ,    expel    them

  1. The problem of Bangladeshi infiltration
  2. Stand of other Political Parties on Bangladeshi infiltration
  3. The useless of the fence solution
  4. MRCM demands , promises to reduce Bangladeshies inflow , expel them
  5. Building Family Trees using DNA data
  6. Jury System to decide citizenship
  7. Stand of other parties’ leaders
  8. Exercises

1.    The problem of Bangladeshi infiltration

         The whole North East may get seceded and lakhs of Indians may be killed (like 1947) if Bangladeshies keep coming.

2.    Stand of other Political Parties on Bangladeshi infiltration

         Most parties such as Congress, BJP and CPM have decided to nothing to stop Bangladeshi illegal immigrants. The Congress in its 45+ years of rule and BJP in its 7 years of rule did not even enact ID system to reduce this problem. I request every supporter of Congress, BJP and CPM to realize that if when North East becomes part of Bangladesh and lakhs of Indians get massacred like 1947, their voting for these corrupt neta was one factor.
         We demand , promise to enact Person-ID system coupled with “Employee and payment disclosure law” . In one year, these two laws will reduce the new infiltration to 1% of what it is now. And we demand , promise to enact Jury based Tribunals to decide citizenship issue for existing infiltrators. Once illegal immigrants land in prison, they will stop coming.

3.    The useless of the fence solution

         The BJP, Congress and CPM leaders are misguiding citizens by showing the fence they are creating. We support the fence and we shall continue it ; but we want citizens to note that fence cannot reduce infiltration even by 1%. Please allow us to mention a joke to make this point clear
         A review committee appointed by Railway Minister to decrease fatality in accidents said that in most accidents, most fatalities are in first two and last two compartments. So to decrease fatalities, this Review Committee of Experts insists that the first two and last two compartments should be moved into middle !!
         This joke will explain the futility of the 1000 km long fence. Today, Bangladeshies are using land rather than sea coast to come into India as land option is cheaper. But coming from coast line i also easy and not all that expensive. So once the land is fenced, Bangladeshies will use coast line to enter into India !! Now are we going to build fence along whole coast line of India or even West Bengal? We cant. So even after fence is made, illegal immigration will not reduce even by 1%
         And consider the countries who have drastically reduced the problem of illegal immigration such as Canada, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Australia, New Zealand etc. The way these Western countries have solved this problem is via punishing the employers who give employment to illegals. US Govt wants illegal immigration to come to keep cost low and so US Govt has not made any law to punish employers who hire illegals. But US can afford illegal immigration as illegal immigrants do not pose any security or secessionist threats and provide economic benefits. But the countries that do not want illegal immigrants like Canada, Germany etc have made laws that require employers to disclose employee’s IDs and punish employers who hide this information. This disables organized employers from hiring illegal employees and reduces illegal immigration.

4.    MRCM demands , promises to reduce Bangladeshies inflow , expel them

  1. Enact National Person-ID , Citizen ID system
  2. Enact Govt Order that employers will be required to report Person-ID of all employees
  3. Enact Jury System to imprison an employer if he hid the information about illegal employees he had
  4. Jury Trials to decide whether a person accused is citizen or illegal immigrant
         We have discussed the first (3) proposals before. Next section has details of 4th proposal.

5.    Building Family Trees using DNA data

         Lets say as on Jan-1 of year XXXX everyone’s DNA data of every person over 3 months old is in the system. Now each person can be asked to give IDs of his relatives, and using DNA data, the relations can be verified to a considerable extent as parent-child has 50% DNA in common, siblings with same both parents have over 50% DNA in common, with one parent same have 25% DNA in common, grand child and grand parent have 25% in common, cousins have about 25% DNA in common and so forth. Using this, number of blood relatives a person can be established. Higher the number of blood relatives he has, lesser are the chances the that he is immigrant. And thus using blood relative information validated or invalidated by DNA data, many illegal Bangladeshies who have just zero or few blood relatives can be easily identified out.

6.    Jury System to decide citizenship

  1. In first year, Govt will create Person-ID system
  2. The Register shall make CDs of Person-ID database of every male (and later females) with name, Person-ID, photo, address etc and sell it at cost.
  3. Any person can cite names of 10 person whom he thinks are non-citizens after paying Rs 3 fee.
  4. From the names received, the Registrar shall order the accused in the order of number of complaints received against him of being non-citizen.
  5. The Registrar shall notify all the relatives of the person accused
  6. For every complaint he receives, the Registrar shall form a National Jury consisting of 12 citizens chosen India and State Jury consisting of 12 citizens chosen from the State.
  7. Any person who is blood relative of accused can cite that the person is wrongly accused after citing his relation.
  8. The Jurors will listen to the person using video phones and also the relatives. The accused and his relatives may be asked to appear in the trial. Each Juror can ask him questions for 30 minutes.
  9. If over 9 out of 12 Jurors in either of the Juries dismiss the case as frivolous case, the Registrar shall not try the person against at least 10 citizens file complaint against him once again. After two trials the number of persons required to complaint against him will be 100 and after 3 trials, no complaint will be filed against him for 5 years.
  10. If the complain is dismissed as frivolous, the complainer’s right to file complain will go down by one.
  11. If over 9 out 12 Jurors in both Juries declare the accused as non-citizen, the Registrar will call one more National and one more State Jury. If the Juries give same decision, the Registrar will mark him as non-citizen, imprison him and start process to expel him out of India.
  12. If less than 10 out 12 Jurors in any Juries, but more 8 out of 12 in any one Jury declare the accused as non-citizen, the Registrar will let the accused stay in India, but not in North East or West Bengal. This clause is essential to reduce concentration of the Bangladeshies in North East

7.    Stand of other parties’ leaders

         Other parties such as Congress, CPM, BJP are least interested in even stopping Bangladeshies forget expelling them. We request citizens not to vote for these parties.

8.    Exercises

  1. What is the length of India-Bangladesh border? About what % is hilly?
  2. Why did fencing solution work in fencing Italy-Egypt border in 1930s (it successfully prevented Omar Mukhthar from getting weapons from British) , worked in Israel and still not work in Indo-BD border?
  3. Do you have friend who has live din Asam for over 1 year? If yes, please get an estimate of % population in Asam that is from Bangladesh
  4. What is IMDT Act?

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