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How    can    top    few    people    rig    100,000    EVMs

         Welcome to Right to Recall Party (to be registered). I , the founder of RRP, Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta, started movement to bring Right to Recall law-drafts over PM and Supreme Court Chief judge to Sarpanch in India. Please note our RTR-movement has nothing to do with The Anna or The Chhote Anne --- they are all pseudo-recallists i.e. they want Right to Recall only over Sarpanch, and oppose RTR over PM, Supreme Court judges etc.

         We have proposed 100-120 law-drafts to improve Military, expel Bangladeshies, reduce poverty, reduce corruption\nepotism in Supreme Court judges, improve education etc. The details of all law-drafts is at The manifesto explains 100-120 laws we want.

         And one of the changes we have proposed is getting rid of EVMs and using paper ballots once again, just as many countries such as Germany, Japan, Ireland and parts of USA have opted to do.


         Because to rig a booth with paper ballots, I need 2-3 criminals per booth. While lakhs of EVMs can be rigged in factory or warehouse or in trucks during shipment with just 10-15 to at most 100 persons. How? There are 10s of ways.

         A person who has access to warehouse can enter a warehouse in EVM factory can replace circuit of 1000s of EVMs. Or when EVMs are shipped from Banglore to Collector's offices across districts of India via trucks, the owner of truck has 2-5 days to replace the circuit, if he wants. Using new circuit, the person who has password can change the votes thru remote control after voting is over and before counting. A video made by Hari Parasad shows how all this can be done at .

         The micro-controller chip of EVM is made not in India but is imported from USA !!! A software can be planted in the EVM which will enable candidate of a specific party to win. The details are in at

         Solution : pls see chap-17 of

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