The MRCM (Mine Rent for Citizens and Military) Party
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
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Epilogue – I

         [This chapter is written solely by Mr. Chimanbhai A Mehta, Freedom Fighter and Former Education Minister, Central Govt – the first author of the “Manifesto of MRCM Party” and a founder member of MRMC Party. ]

         Inspired by many freedom fighters such as Bhagat Singhji, Gandhiji and Nehru, I has joined the freedom movement in 1939 at the age of 15 years. I participated in Quit India Movement in 1942, just like many of my other colleagues. I was imprisoned by the British Govt for this. We never knew when India would be free. We had no realistic hope that freedom would come in 1947 or would even come in our life times, for whatever number of years we might have lived. For us, freedom movement itself was goal --- success or failure of movement and nature of the subsequent regime was not in our minds.
         Back then, even in our worst dreams we did not imagine that post-freedom India would see such corrupt leaders, officers, policemen and judges. We never realized that one day the “free” India’s Govt’s would enact laws like SEZ Act where in land will get confiscated the way East India Company did before 1857. In our wildest dream we did not think of leaders who would starve our own Military of funds and pay so little to soldiers that they would quit and even stop joining. Court cases taking 5-10 years was never in our vision. Sometimes, I wonder if I and my colleagues would have taken sufferings and risks of lives to fight against British if we had known that India would see such corrupt Ministers, IAS, IPS, judges and such corrupt laws. Irrespective of the ideological differences we had, our goal was betterment of common citizens, and creating a regime free of corruption and atrocities. All in all, we never imagined that such elected leaders and our “own” officers and judges would be go so corrupt and inflict so many atrocities on commons to sustain their corruption. Our beliefs did not prove very wrong till 1980s. But 19990s and late 1990s were watershed. And now it is forgone case. At least partially, we freedom fighters have failed ourselves. Where did we go wrong? When we freedom fighters were thinking of administrative changes in 1940s and 1950s, we had assumed that almost all leaders, senior officers and senior policemen, judges will be non-corrupt. So in all administrative changes we thought, we had no problem in placing discretionary powers (to the extent given in Article-22) in hands of Ministers, officers, judges etc. And we never saw dire need to give procedures to commons to replace them. The time has proved our assumption was flawed and so no wonder the system wherein all discretionary powers are with Ministers, officers and judges is now ruining the common citizens.
         It is time we re-write administrative code with real life fact in mind that as of now, most Ministers, senior officers, senior policemen and judges *are* corrupt, nepotic, self-serving and completely unconcerned about citizens. And also make assumption that unless citizens have power to remove them promptly, the replacements of existing corrupt and nepotic officials too will become as corrupt as existing ones. Back in 1940s, in 1950s and even till 1970s, I was comfortable with idea of Ministers, officers, judges etc have all the discretionary powers and citizens having none as I never thought that Ministers, officers and judges can ever become so corrupt. Now, I have lost faith in this “egalitarian” and “oligarchic” concept and believe in just the opposite --- citizens should have maximal discretionary powers and powers to replace Ministers, officials and judges is MUST. The new democratic belief was hazy till year 2000, as I could never think of any cost-effective administrative system where in citizens can be exercise powers to replace Ministers, officials and judges. But thanks to the Engineering education and training my son Rahul Mehta had obtained, he could show me many procedure codes where in replacement of officials can be cost-effective and citizens can exercise discretionary powers in Govt areas such as Legislation, expulsions, mining, waters, police, courts. After seeing that procedure code, I see no need to have a system where in citizens would be required to put too much faith in Ministers, officers and judges and give them so much powers.
         I have formed this party, “Mine Royalties for Citizens and Military” to force existing MPs and MLAs to sign the proposed Govt Order and Laws. These drafts are in this Manifesto. If the MPs and MLAs do sign these laws, we would happily close down our party. Otherwise, we shall contest elections and ask voters to replace these MPs and MLAs with someone who does enact these laws. At the age of 84 years, I am unable to do much of the active work, but will continue to work as far as I can.

         -Chimanbhai A Mehta
         Freedom Fighter, Former Education Minister (Central Govt)
         Ph : 91-98251-27718

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