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ELE.05   ---   Reducing   Electricity   Theft

Section   1   :   Preamble
  The Act is to create an administrative procedure, using which, citizens can reduce electricity theft.

Section   2   : Installation of transmitting meters
2.1 The State Electricity Regulator will require the electricity distrubuting company to install electricity meters that transmit the readings every 4 hours or every time it moves by 100 units, whichever comes first, realiably and losslessly, to a near by base station. The electricity company will install and maintain one base station in every area to obtain the readings transmitted by the meters.
2.2 Along with every customer premise, the distribution will also install meters at intermediate points, with an average of one intermediate meter for every 10-20 meters. And there will another intermediate meter for above these 10-20 meters and so forth. These meters too will transmit the readings to the near by base stations.
2.3 The base stations will transmit the readings to the central distribution center of the distribution company. If there is any loss above 6% of the generated units, i.e. theft, that appears in from the readings, the distrbution company's officer in-charge must report to the District Police Chief within 24 hours. If the company discovers suspects, it may file a claim to recover the loss due to theft,plus compensation, in the local civil court.
2.4 But the distribution company cannot pass the burder of tranmission loss over 8%, on the honest bill paying users. The company will obtain the funds to cover the loss from its owners, or shall declare bankruptcy.

Section   3  : Other Details
3.1 If the officer does not execute a procedure or ignores an instruction stated in this Resolution/Act, a citizen can file a complaint before the Grand Jurors. In case there are is no Grand Jury, the citizens can appeal to the Mayor to setup a Grand Jury. But under this law, a citizen cannot complaint before Mayor, Corporators, CM, MLAs, PM, or MPs.
3.2 The Jurors will judge this Act, guidelines, intentions as well as the facts related to the case

-----------------(end of the Draft) -----------------