Boostrapping : EDU.09 - Reducing burden of college education
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Proposed administrative procedure - EDU.09
Reducing   cash/land   subsidy   for   non-medical   colleges

Purpose : To reduce burden of higher education on commons


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  2. Soltion? EDU.09
  3. Draft of the act to create procedure EDU.09


EDU.09 : Administering Subsidies for College Education

Draft of the act to create procedure EDU.09

One law needs to be passed in City Council (or District Panchayat) to enact EDU.09. To see the draft, please click here.

     Now citizens can ask City Councilor to pass these Acts. But IMO, it will be wiser for citizens to first enact procedure LM.01 then use LM.01 to pass this EDU.09 draft WITHOUT any help from Councilors. To know about procedure LM.01, please click here.

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