Boostrapping : EDU.07 - Sports and Health Education
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Proposed administrative procedure - EDU.07
Administrative   procedures   for   Sports   and   Health   Education

Pre-requiste readings : EDU.01

  1. Purpose
  2. Overview of EDU.07
  3. Advantages of EDU.07
  4. Draft of the act to create procedure EDU.07


I see at least 3 reasons why District Givernment should money on sports education :
  1. to improve national defense
  2. to enable citizen to stand against criminal
  3. improve over all health.
Spending money on above three items reduces Government expenditure on defence, law-order and health.

Overview of EDU.07

  1. There should be weekly/monthly sports competition such as
    1. races of 100-1000 meters and 1 quarter-marathon a month
    2. weight lifting competition every 3 months
    3. swimming competition every month

  2. For each competition, 100-200 students can be selected at random to form a group, and competition should be held within that group.

  3. Since people are naturally inclined to learn sports, no significant rewards are needed. So there need not be any cash rewards. But the payments students in their academic tests should be reduced by 25% - 50% if the student scores below (Average - 25%) in running races, swimming races and weight lifting. After all, no matter how much a person is knowledgeable, he will be liability if he cannot defend himself. This penalty mechanism will be sufficient to ensure that students are paying attention to sports.

  4. The sports teachers should have monthly cash payments ONLY based on the scores of weekly and monthly competitions of the students. This reward mechanism will ensure motivation amongst teachers.

Advantages of EDU.07
  1. Makes a person capable of defending hilself. This reduces law-order cost.

  2. Makes students healthy, and enables them to stay healthy when theyr grow up. This reduces health expenditure.

Draft of the act to create procedure EDU.07

One law needs to be passed in City Council (or District Panchayat) to enact EDU.07. To see the draft, please click here.

     Now citizens can ask City Councilor to pass these Acts. But IMO, it will be wiser for citizens to first enact procedure LM.01 then use LM.01 to pass this EDU.07 draft WITHOUT any help from Councilors. To know about procedure LM.01, please click here.

If you have any other question, please mail it to Thousand thanks in advance.

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