Boostrapping : EDU.03 : Increasing student's knowledge of important subjects
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Proposed administrative procedure - EDU.03
Procedures   to   increase   knowledge   of   some   important   subjects

: To improve classI-XII students knowledge in following subjects : Sciences (incl physics, chemistry, biology), Geography, Historical Information, English and Hindi

Pre-requiste readings : EDU.02 : Saatya System to Improve Students' Maths


  1. Overview of EDU.03
  2. Advantages of EDU.03
  3. Draft of the act to create procedure EDU.03

Overview of EDU.03 i.e. Saatya System to improve students' knowledge

I request the reader to re-read EDU.02 (i.e. Saatya System to improve student's maths). The procedure requires the DEO (District Education Officer) to conduct 1-4 Maths test for each student, and give rewards to students/teachers based on tests' mark.

EDU.03 is similar procedure subjects like Science, Physics, Chemistry Biology, English, Geography, Historical Information etc.

Just as EDU.02 consisted of list of 5000-20000 Maths questions for each of the classI-XII, EDU.03 consists of 1000s of questions for each of the classI-XII for following subjects :
  1. Sciences for classes I-VII, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for classes VIII-XII
  2. Law, court procedures and general administration
  3. English
    1. general vocabulary (list of 2000-5000 basic words)
    2. technical vocabulary (English words that are used Maths, Sciences, Engineering and Medicine)
    3. grammer
    4. English to Hindi sentence translation
    5. Hindi to English sentence translation
    6. English to local language sentence translation
    7. Local language to English sentence translation
    8. Technical composition : writing techinical articles, writing contracts, writing legal letters
  4. Hindi - general vocabulary , grammer, Hindi to local language sentence translation and vice versa
  5. Local language - general vocabulary , grammer, Hindi to local language sentence translation and vice versa
  6. Geography
  7. Historical Information --- dealing with names, dates, events etc.
  8. software programming and electronics
DEO, after approval of District Panchayat, will decide which subjects should be subsidized by District. And DEO will prepare a list of questions for each subjects using method similar to EDU.02. DEO, after approval of District Panchayat, will decide how many tests a students would give each month in each subject. eg
  1. for class VII students, DEO may decide that every month, a student would appear in 3 maths tests, 3 science tests, 2 Law tests, 1 English test and 1 Geography test.
  2. for class XII student every month would appear in 4 maths tests, 2 Physics tests, 2 Chemistry tests, 1 Biology test, 4 Law tests and 1 English test.

The students and their teachers will get cash payments based on their relative performances in the tests. This will be the ONLY salaries the teachers would get from the District.

Advantages of EDU.03

It is the cheapest way of getting maximal motivation amongst students. And since students and teachers are paid ONLY after test scores, EDU.03 ensures almost zero wastage of funds.

Draft of the act to create procedure EDU.03

One law needs to be passed in City Council (or District Panchayat) to enact EDU.03. To see the draft, please click here.

     Now citizens can ask City Councilor to pass these Acts. But IMO, it will be wiser for citizens to first enact procedure LM.01 then use LM.01 to pass this EDU.03 draft WITHOUT any help from Councilors. To know about procedure LM.01, please click here.

If you have any other question, please mail it to Thousand thanks in advance.

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