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EDU.01   ---   Improving citizens' control over Education Dept

Section   1   :   Preamble
  The Act is to create an administrative procedure, using which, citizens can improve control over staff of city's education dept and principals/teachers of city-owned schools, and thus improve quality of teaching the city schools.

Section   2   : Appointments of senior officers and their main powers

[Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Mayor] Within 2 days after passing this law, the Mayor will select 2 persons, seek approval of Standing Committee and appoint them as the Registrar and City Education Officer. The City Education Officer will be in-charge of
  1. Deciding syllabus of the subjects decided by Municipal Council for lower KG to class XII
  2. administering examinations in city for lower KG to class XII
  3. administer teaching in city-owned schools from lower KG to class XII

Section   3   : Procedures to replace City Education Officer
3.1 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar, Registrarís clerks] A citizen residing in the city can present his ID and specify the serial numbers of (at most 5) candidates he Approves for the position of City Education Officer. The clerk will enter the requests in the systems and give the receipt to the citizen. The citizen to change his choices any day any month.
3.2 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar] The clerk may charge a fee of Rs 2 to Rs 5 to the citizen.
3.3 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar] The citizen can withdraw his Approvals any day. There will be no fee from withdrawing the Approvals.
3.4 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Mayor ; Purpose: Replacement of City Education Officer] If any candidate is approved by highest number of citizen-voters and over 25% of ALL citizen-voters, and has 2% more approvals then existing City Education Officer, the Mayor will appoint him as new City Education Officer within 2 days.
3.5 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: Registrar ;] Word "citizen" in the context of Approval, means citizen above 18 and registered voter resident in the city

Section   4   : Recruitment of office/school staff, school principals and teachers
4.1 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: City Education Officer] The City Education Officer will recruit the office/school staff, including teachers, strictly by written exam with NO interviews. The length of the contract will be 2 years, after which he would need to give written exam again along with other new/old candidates. The weightage of experience will be 1% of the median score in the exam, for every year the person has worked as a staff.
Example : Say in the examination for staff for mdian score is 120 points out of 200. Then if a person has served for 4 years, the additional score he will get will be (120* 1%) * 4 = 4.8 points
4.2 If a person has worked in Education Dept (office or school) for 6 years, he cannot work in Education Dept for next 2 years.
4.3 The City Education Officer will appoint the schools principals, from the teachers who have suceeded in the written test as per his discretion.
4.4 The City Education Officer will decide the school which a student residing in the city will attend, and it must be one of 3 schools nearest to his residence.
4.5 The citizens can expel any staff member of education dept, including a principal/teacher using Trial by Jury as described in "Jury System over Municipality Staff". (*)

Section   5   : Selection of subjects/syllabus
5.1 [Person responsible for this procedure/directive: City Education Officer] The City Education Officer will prepare a list of subjects to be taught in each year from Lower KG to ClassXII, basic syllabus for each subject in each year, and get the list approved from Municipal Council or citizens using Direct Vote.
5.2 For each subject, the City Education Officer will appoint one person to enumerate the detailed syllabus for classes from Lower KG to ClassXII.
5.3 Any person who has a better syllabus for a subject from Lower KG to ClassXII can submit the proposal to the Mayor. Any parent, can register YES/NO on the proposal by visiting the Registrar's office, and paying the fee. If over 51% of the parents, whose child is studying in that class, approve the syllabus, the City Education Officer will follow that syllabus for that class.

Section   6   : Other Details
6.1 The rupee amount used in this text uses July-2000 price levels. The standing committee can adjust the amounts every six months using RBIís Inflation Index.
6.2 If the officer does not execute a procedure or ignores an instruction stated in this Resolution/Act, a citizen can file a complaint before the Grand Jurors. In case there are is no Grand Jury, the citizens can appeal to the Mayor to setup a Grand Jury. But under this law, a citizen cannot complaint before Mayor, Corporators, CM, MLAs, PM, or MPs.
6.3 The Jurors will judge this Act, guidelines, intentions as well as the facts related to the case

-----------------(end of the draft) -----------------

(*) -- To see the text of proposed "Jury Trial over Municipality Staff" Act, please click here.