The MRCM (Mine Rent for Citizens and Military) Party
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
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MRCM Party's Strategy

  1. Before third GO is signed
  2. After the third GO is signed

1.    Before third GO is signed

         We authors and founders of MRCM Party would like to make it more than clear that our goal is to force existing CMs, PM to sign the First Proposed GO (Govt Order) and then force CMs, PM to sign Second and Third GOs, and then get Forth and Fifth GOs signed using the third GO. And then getting 120 GOs signed using the Third GO. Our goal is NOT to win elections, not to become or make MLAs, MPs and Ministers.
         The members will be required to spend a % of their incomes in giving newspaper advertisements. We insist on newspaper advertisements, as they are effective as well as provable means of support and propaganda. The strategy to convince the citizens the importance of third GO, and expose the intellectuals and Ministers, by taking their names in public and in newspapers that they have opposed even the First Govt Order, forget third one. The most important part is to tell commons that leaders and intellectuals are agents of elitemen, and are agents of videshi elitemen as well.
         The Party will not create public nuisances, but hold 100s of meetings in public in enclosed halls and abuse the leaders for not signing first GO. If Party manages to get MPs and MLAs elected, the MPs and MLAs will not do any work except promote first GO and third GO.

2.    After the third GO is signed

         The Party will campaign in citizens to get the 4th and 5th GOs signed. And after that we shall contest for officials positions from SC-CJ to District Education Officer.

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