The MRCM (Mine Rent for Citizens and Military) Party
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
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MRCM's    demands    ,    promises    to    get    Hindus    in    Bangladesh

         The MRCM Party demands , promises to enact Govt Orders necessary to bring Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan into India. The proposal is viable and does not go against Secularism. The window will be open for 10 years.
         In 1947, the Hindus of India, against their wish, accepted that Pakistan (with Bangladesh) will be Muslim State which clearly meant that Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh will have no place there. This automatically gave rights to Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh over India. The window to enter into India was closed without notice and without informing them. Hence we must open that window for Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh , and close say after 10 years after fully informing them.
         The secularism in Constitution restricts Govt of India inside India . So if GoI places a notice in Bangladesh that “Hindus will be given residency in India”, then it does not violate Constitution as no person in Bangladesh can file any complaint against GoI in Supreme Court of India, as the persons in Bangladesh have no Constitutional rights over GoI. So our MRCM Party’s demand and promise to let Hindus , and not Muslims, of Bangladesh and Pakistan enter into India and get residency , work permit and later citizenship does not violate Constitution of India.

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