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(registration# 56/436/2018-19/PPS-I , dated 14-mar-2019) 

author :  Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta,  B Tech, Comp Sci, IIT Delhi ; MS , New Jersey State, Univ, USA

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Welcome to the website of Right to Recall Party



(  Logo of   RRP - Right  to  Recall  Party  )


(1) About my Right to Recall movement : I started the “Right to Recall” movement  in oct-1998. Now I have renamed the movement as “Movement for KhaMBa and Positive Right to Recall Chief Minister. (The renaming had to be done  to counter psuedo-recallists like The Anna and their fake right to recall movement. I will explain this in detail later). I had published drafts for right to recall CM, right to recall Supreme Court Chief judge, rtr RBI Governor etc  in oct-1998. I revised the drafts in 2004 and added sms/atm features in the drafts in jan-2008. The drafts became more well known amongst non-80G-activists after I contested loksabha-2009 election to spread more information about RTR.


(2) Today (feb-2023), there are some 300-400 volunteers all over India spending about 4-5 hours a week in spreading information about RTR-drafts. The main difference or “innovations” in my proposed rtr procedures as against rtr procedures used in USA is that my proposed rtr procedures use (a) positive recall, and (b) “in-person appearance” and not signatures. So the rtr procedures I have proposed are cheaper and prone to fraud. eg rtr PM and rtr Supreme judge will cost zero rupees to Government and will cost mere Rs 3 per citizen (or barely Rs 250 crore to all citizens) who want change. And this cost will come down to few below Rs 5 crore atm\sms based procedures are kept in place. And rtr does not increase instability as once rtr comes, PM, CM, judges, MPs, MLAs etc behave well and so need to recall doesn’t come often (eg in US only 2 out of 500-700 Governors faced recall). Despite such low costs and zero possibility of instability, we have irresponsible people like L K Advani, Subramanian Swamy, Subhash Kashyap, CEC Kureshi, ex-CEC Lingdoh spreading lies that rtr is too expensive and will bring instability. The reality is that LKA or Swamy or Election Commission has never ever conducted a study on rtr and are merely throwing lies. And biggest damage is coming from psuedo-recallists such as The Anna and The Team who deliberately insist on draftless debates on rtr and insist on very cumbersome/expensive and fraud prone signature based procedures to enable anti-recallists to defame rtr.


(3) I need your time (only time, I am against donations) to spread correct information on RTR, tackle those who are spreading lies against RTR (such as LKA, Subramanian Swamy, exe-CEC Lingdoh , CEC Kureshi, Subhash Kashyap) and also expose psuedo-recallists such as The Anna and The Team.



(4) So what is this Right to Recall in short?


So what is this "Right to Recall" in short? It means exact procedure by which citizens replace PM, Supreme Court judges, CM, MPs, MLAs, Reserve Bank Governor or any official from PM to Collector to Sarpanch if the need be. What is the importance of RTR?


Well, let me ask you one question first. The question is very important. Say you own a factory with 100 employees such as managers, laborers etc. And suddenly Govt makes 2 new rules –


1.      you can NOT expel managers till they are 65 years and cant expel any workers for next 5 years

2.      every month, money from your account will be deducted and salary will go to your employees.


My question to you is : then after three months, will the level of indiscipline increase or decrease? I will re-ask this question : three months after these new rules come, will level of indiscipline increase or decrease? Pls read further only after answering this question.


IOW, if we the commons of India, can not expel judges, MPs, Ministers, IAS etc they will all become indisciplined, corrupt, nepotic etc. This is what Shri Sanyal, Guru of Bhagat Singh said in 1925. RTR was implemented in Greece in 600 BC and made Greece so powerful that Greece could win up to the river Yamuna. And has been implemented in US since 1800s and is main reason why US has been able to conquer Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Libya and India may be next. But one doesn’t need examples of Greece and US to get the idea behind of right to recall --- it is plain vanilla common sense. Most problems of us commons in India are not different from the factory owner who can not fire workers for 5-35 years. And the solutions to our problems is also trivial --- procedures by which we may expel officers, Ministers, judges.


(5) Why IYO corruption in US policemen and judges is less than corruption in India's policemen and judges? Are policemen and judges in US so dumb that they dont know how to squeeze money from citizens? Or are they all saints and dont want any extra money? Surely, not. And if we say education is the reason, then are policemen/judges in India illiterate? All this are non-reasons. The real reason why policemen/judges in US take much less bribes than policemen/judges in India is only because citizens in US have procedures by which they can expel/replace District Police Commissioner and District Judges. Why do judgments in US courts come in 6 months in over 99% cases? Because citizens have Right to Recall District Judges, High Court Chief Judges, District Public Prosecutors etc.



About me (the author) : pls click here



Important websites  etc on RTR


facebook  :  http://www.facebook.com/groups/rrgindia/

forum  :  http://forum.righttorecall.info

google group :  http://groups.google.com/group/RightToRecall 



Important video etc on RTR


  1. Three videos (2-3 min each) of Rajiv Dixitjee’s speeches on RTR --- http://youtube.com/watch?v=8XfC6pTZjI0  , http://youtube.com/watch?v=EywTrIr3-Mc , http://youtube.com/watch?v=dVvHIEDPUTY


  1. Forth video (3 min) of Rajiv Dixitjee’s speech on RTR in mass public in Mungeli , Chhatisgadh on nov-28-2010,  two days before he was murdered. Dixitjee wanted mass-movement on Right to Recall MPs, Swiss Bank money, unemployment, price rise and Swadeshi, and not Janlokpal which is meant to increase strength of MNCs ---  http://youtube.com/watch?v=dVvHIEDPUTY


  1. Why British paid media to project Mohanbhai and any how it helped British  (10 min) – by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta  ----- http://youtube.com/watch?v=nDRwg2P127Y


  1. Anna as Mohanbhai and how it will ruin India using MNC-pal by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta ---- http://youtube.com/watch?v=ca2n9dqjKto


  1. How MNC will destroy Bharat (10 min) by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta --------  http://youtube.com/watch?v=ObE2PXA95gM


  1. Problem of Bangladeshies in India and solutions (50 min) by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta --- the video describes a mere Rs 200 cr solution by which over 95% of bangladeshies can expelled - http://youtube.com/watch?v=crFfd62htg4


  1. Proposals on taxation (wealth tax, inheritance tax etc.) by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta. Why transaction tax is bad, and why wealth tax is best of all possible tax codes  ----- http://youtube.com/watch?v=m93oJsn2vx4


  1. Detailed information about Right to Recall law-drafts by Rahul Mehta ---- http://youtube.com/watch?v=h4doJB37ljc



Important documents  in Hindi on RTR


  1. Four page document in Hindi shows how proposed 3 line law can reduce poverty, corruption in 4 month - http://rahulmehta.com/001.h.pdf


  1. The complete RRG reference -- http://rahulmehta.com/301.h.htm



Important documents  in Gujarati on RTR


  1. Four page document in Gujarati explains how proposed 3 line law can reduce poverty, corruption in 4 months - http://rahulmehta.com/001.g.pdf     


  1. Two page document in Gujarati explains why corruption in US police, courts is less than corruption in Police, Courts in India --        http://rahulmehta.com/002.g.pdf


  1. Reference in Gujarati. Pls download the reference because Gujarati fonts don’t appear well on Google doc --            http://rahulmehta.com/301.g.htm



Important documents  in English on RTR


If you are PC user, best way to study RTR is to download 301.pdf from http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm  . If you are accessing net from web, then pls see my facebook notes at http://facebook.com/mehtarahulc and following links.


1.      Explains how RTR will reduce wrongful MNC dominance, reduces poverty, reduce corruption, reduce nepotism. You don’t need to read all 400 pages. Just read two pages : section-1.2 and section-6.6 . Pls download whole PDF – http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm

2.      Four page document in English showing how proposed 3 line law can reduce poverty, reduce corruption, improve education in 4 months and improve Military in 2 years -- http://rahulmehta.com/001.pdf

3.      My contesting Ahmedabad Municipal Elections to spread information about Right to Recall Mayor and other Right to Recall law-drafts. And also, about RRG. -- http://rahulmehta.com/about_mrcm_party.htm

4.      My contesting Loksabha-2009 elections --- http://rahulmehta.com/ls_2009_elections.htm

5.      How EVMs can be rigged --- http://rahulmehta.com/evm.htm 

6.      Differences between RRG and intellectuals, other parties – chap-11 of  http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm

7.      RRG demands in short --  chap-12 of http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm

8.      Letter to PM, CMs -- http://rahulmehta.com/etter_to_pm_cm.pdf 

9.      Exposing Intellectuals of India -- http://rahulmehta.com/expose_intellectuals.htm

10.  Second RRG demand -- http://rahulmehta.com/mrcm_demand_02.htm 

11.  Third RRG demand -- http://rahulmehta.com/mrcm_demand_03.htm  

12.  Forth RRG demand -- http://rahulmehta.com/mrcm_demand_04.htm 

13.  Fifth RRG demand -- http://rahulmehta.com/mrcm_demand_05.htm 

14.  Five demands revisited -- http://rahulmehta.com/mrcm_demand_revisited.htm

15.  Reducing poverty -- http://rahulmehta.com/reduce_poverty.htm 

16.  Improving courts -- http://rahulmehta.com/improve_courts.htm 

17.  Improving police -- http://rahulmehta.com/improve_police.htm 

18.  Improving RBI           -- http://rahulmehta.com/improve_rbi.htm 

19.  Improving Military -- http://rahulmehta.com/improve_military.htm 

20.  Improving Taxation -- http://rahulmehta.com/improve_taxation.htm 

21.  Improving general administration, reducing nepotism --- http://rahulmehta.com/improve_administration.htm 

22.  Reduce wasteful expenses -- http://rahulmehta.com/reduce_wasteful_expenses.htm 

23.  Improving Education -- http://rahulmehta.com/improve_education.htm

24.  National ID system -- http://rahulmehta.com/national_id_system.htm

25.  Salvaging Hindus from Bangladesh -- http://rahulmehta.com/bangladeshi_hindus.htm

26.  Stop/Expel Bangladeshies -- http://rahulmehta.com/expel_bangladeshi.htm

27.  Resolving JK issue -- http://rahulmehta.com/jk_issue.htm

28.  Removing temples etc from Govt control -- http://rahulmehta.com/temple_control.htm

29.  Reservation issue -- http://rahulmehta.com/reservation_issue.htm

30.  Improving Civil Cases in Courts --- http://rahulmehta.com/improve_civil.htm

31.  Improve Law Making -- http://rahulmehta.com/improve_law_making.htm

32.  List and Drafts of the all the laws we propose -- http://rahulmehta.com/all_drafts.htm

33.  MRCM Party's overall vision -- http://rahulmehta.com/overall_vision.htm

34.  One possible fate of India administration doesnt change -- http://rahulmehta.com/one_possible_future.htm

35.  Social responsibility -- http://rahulmehta.com/social_responsibility.htm

36.  Party Structure -- http://rahulmehta.com/party_structure.htm

37.  Campaign Method -- http://rahulmehta.com/campaign_methods.htm

38.  What type of persons should join MRCM Party? -- http://rahulmehta.com/who_should_join.htm

39.  Epilogue – I -- http://rahulmehta.com/epilogue_1.htm

40.  Epilogue – II -- http://rahulmehta.com/epilogue_2.htm

41.  Generic procedures to reduce nexuses -- http://rahulmehta.com/basic_blocks.htm

42.  Solutions in general -- http://rahulmehta.com/general_solutions.htm

43.  List of all the proposed laws -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.all.htm

44.  Proposed laws to improve law-making -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.lm.htm

45.  Proposed laws to allocate natural resources and reduce poverty -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.eas.htm

46.  Proposed laws to improve courts -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.ct.htm

47.  Proposed laws to improve police force -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.pol.htm

48.  Proposed laws to prosecution and regulation -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.prosec.htm

49.  Proposed laws to improve RBI -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.curr.htm

50.  Proposed laws to improve citizens' records and curb illegal immigration -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.id.htm

51.  Proposed laws to reduce wasteful expenses -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.rwe.htm

52.  Proposed laws to improve tax collection -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.tax.htm

53.  Proposed laws for direct election and recall of Mayor, CM and PM -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.prez.htm

54.  Proposed laws to improve education -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.edu.htm

55.  Proposed laws to improve telecom -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.comm.htm

56.  Proposed laws to improve civil matters -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.civil.htm

57.  Proposed laws to improve electricity supply -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.ele.htm

58.  Proposed laws to improve transportation -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.tr.htm

59.  Laws related to misc issues -- http://rahulmehta.com/a_proc_list.misc.htm




The most important reference is http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has following chapters


chap-01.  The 3 line law can reduce poverty, corruption, MNC domination in 4 months

chap-02.  Why is corruption in US police\courts less than India’s police?

chap-03.  More on RTI2 – the proposed three lined GN

chap-04.  Letters to PM, CM, Mayor, Sarpanch, High Court judge

chap-05.  Second RRG proposal - Mineral Royalties for Citizens, Military

chap-06.  Right to Recall PM, CM aka Prajaa-aadheen PM, CMs

chap-07.  Right to Recall Supreme Court judges  aka  Prajaa-aadheen SCjs

chap-08.  Reducing reservation with YES of Dalits , OBCs

chap-09.  RRG proposal to control prices : Prajaa-aadheen RBI Governor

chap-10.  A brief introduction to my “Prajaa-aadheen  Raajaa aka Right to Recall” Group

chap-11.  Differences between RRG and other parties, eminent intellectuals

chap-12.  The list of important Gazette Notification drafts RRG proposes

chap-13.  Virus works in team of one : With 4 hrs a week, YOU can help Right to Recall cause

chap-14.  Getting  RTR  drafts  printed  in  Gazette  via  Aandolan, not  via  Election  Winning

chap-15.  Dear activist - are your actions sufficient, efficient  and clone positive?

chap-16.  Dear activist, does your leader oppose giving law-drafts?

chap-17.  Dear activist, aandolan will take LESS time than election-winning

chap-18.  The Plan : Informing activists about RTR and saving movement from pseudo-recallists

chap-19.  Why against donations?

chap-20.  RRG proposals to reduce wrongful MNC-domination, promote Swadeshi

chap-21.  RRG proposals to reduce Nepotism in Courts : Expel judges , bring in Jury

chap-22.  RRG proposals to improve Police

chap-23.  RRG proposals to improve RBI, reduce inflation

chap-24.  RRG proposals to improve Military-Industrial complex

chap-25.  RRG proposals on Taxation : enact wealth tax ; repeal VAT,  Service Tax , GST

chap-26.  RRG Proposals to Improve  engineering  skills  in  India

chap-27.  Procedures to Imprison, Execute Ministers etc using majority vote

chap-28.  RRG proposals to reduce corruption at middle, low places

chap-29.  Weaponization of us commons

chap-30.  RRG proposals to improve Maths, Law etc. Education

chap-31.  RRG proposals on improving National-ID system

chap-32.  RRG proposals to save Hindus in Bangladesh

chap-33.  RRG proposals to reduce Bangladeshies’ inflow, expel them

chap-34.  RRG proposals to solve JK problem

chap-35.  RRG proposals on Ram Janam Bhoomi ; Govt Control over Temples, Mosques

chap-36.  RRG proposals streamline and reduce Reservation

chap-37.  RRG proposals wrt some Civil, Criminal laws

chap-38.  RRG proposed changes in laws to reduce rapes

chap-39.  RRG proposals to fix Law-making

chap-40.  RRG’s proposals on RTR MP\MLA and Electoral Reforms

chap-41.  RRG proposals to bring black dollars back and reduce black rupees in India

chap-42.  RRG proposals to improve Electricity production and supply

chap-43.  RRG proposals to decrease crude oil imports, external debt

chap-44.  RRG proposals to reduce cow slaughter in India

chap-45.  The  Game  of  MNC-pal  (masquerading  as  Janlokpal)  and  way out

chap-46.  Two  front  war -- Weaponization  of  commons  is only way left

chap-47.  RRG  proposals  to  reduce  conversions, without  force

chap-48.  Right to Recall Movement in India from 1925 till 2011

chap-49.  Against Duratma Gandhi, Mohanbhai-2 and other time-wasters

chap-50.  RRG’s Membership, Candidate selection etc rules

chap-51.  There may be some drops of blood, if not rivers

chap-52.  If  elitemen  use  violence :  The  Udham  Singh  Non-Violence  Plan

chap-53.  Why  dictatorship  or  oligarchy  are  bad  ideas

chap-54.  A possible fate of India if MRCM, RTR etc Laws do not come

chap-55.  Topics to be elaborated in 310.pdf

chap-56.  Epilogue-I  

chap-57.  Epilogue-II 

chap-58.  List - 1 : Enumerated Powers we commons will get  from RRG proposals

chap-59.  List - 2 : Problems and RRG law draft that would solve them

chap-60.  List - 3 : Differences between proposals of RRG and intellectuals




Issue, Department, Draft etc  in alphabetical order, with chapters and sections in which they are listed in http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm


°                                         All proposals, list of all proposals ---- chap-12

°                                         Bangladeshi Infiltration (reducing Bangladeshi Infiltration) ---- chap-33

°                                         Campaign methods for Right to Recall drafts            ---- chap-13 ,chap-14 to chap-19

°                                         Candidate selection for MP, MLA elections in Right to Recall Party ---- chap-47

°                                         Chief Minister (Right to Recall Chief Minister) ---- chap-6 , section 6.9

°                                         Clone positive campaign method, clone negative campaign method ---- chap-16

°                                         Corruption - reducing corruption in high level in administration ---- chap-27

°                                         Corruption - reducing corruption in middle, low levels  ----- chap-28

°                                         Courts (RRG proposals to Improve Courts, reduce corruption in courts, reduce nepotism in courts) ---- chap-21, section-21.3

°                                         District Education Office, Right to Recall ---- section-30.2

°                                         Donations (why RRG is against donations) ---- chap-20

°                                         Education (RRG proposals to improve education) ---- chap-30, section-30.2

°                                         Electoral Reforms       ---- chap-40

°                                         Electricity (RRG proposals to improve Electricity production, supply)         ---- chap-42

°                                         Employment (reducing unemployment) ---- chap-26 , chap-41

°                                         Empowerment ---- chap-53

°                                         Engineering Skills (improving Engineering Skills) ----- chap-26 , chap-41

°                                         Executing PM, CM etc by Majority Vote, draft ---- section-27.1

°                                         External Debt (reducing External Debt) ---- chap-43

°                                         Future scenarios ---- chap-48

°                                         Gazette Notification, sample, explanation      ---- section-1.1

°                                         Guns – Right to Bear Guns    ---- chap-29

°                                         Hindus in Bangladesh (saving Hindus in Bangladesh) ---- chap-32

°                                         Imprisonment of PM, CM etc by Majority Vote ---- section-27.2

°                                         Inflation (RRG proposals to reduce inflation)            ---- chap-9 , chap-23

°                                         Instant Run-Off Voting (Electoral Reforms) ----- section-40.11

°                                         Jury System, draft to enact Jury System in India ---- section-21.9, section-21.10, section-21.11,

°                                         Justice System (RRG proposals to Improve Courts) ---- chap-21

°                                         Kashmir issue ----        chap-34

°                                         Law Education for School Children   ---- section-30.7

°                                         Law-Making (improving law-making)            ---- chap-39

°                                         Letter to PM, CMs      ---- chap-4

°                                         Lokpal ---- chap-50

°                                         Maths Education (Saatya System) , Improve Maths Education         ----- section-30.5

°                                         Military (Improving Military) ---- chap-26

°                                         Mineral Mines' Royalties ----- chap-5

°                                         MP, MLA (Right to Recall MP, Right to Recall MLA) ---- section-39.7, section-39.8

°                                         National-ID system ---- chap-31

°                                         Natural Resources ---- chap-5

°                                         Petrol prices, Petrol Imports ---- chap-43

°                                         Police (Improving Police Dept) ---- chap-2, chap-22

°                                         Price rise (RRG proposals to reduce price rise) ---- chap-9

°                                         Prime Minister  (Right to Recall Prime Minister) ---- chap-6 , section 6.6

°                                         Rape (laws to reduce rapes, prosecute rape cases)---- chap-38

°                                         Reservation ---- chap-36

°                                         Reservation (reducing reservation) ---- chap-8

°                                         Reserve Bank Governor ---- chap-9

°                                         Right to Bear Guns ---- chap-29

°                                         Right to Recall CM ---- chap-6 , section 6.9

°                                         Right to Recall District Education Officer ---- section-30.2

°                                         Right to Recall Group (about RRG) ---- chap-10

°                                         Right to Recall Lokpal ---- chap-50

°                                         Right to Recall Mayor draft   ---- section-6.11

°                                         Right to Recall District Police Chief (two alternative GN drafts) ---- section-22.2

°                                         Right to Recall MP, MLA ---- section-39.7, section-39.8

°                                         Right to Recall Party, Right to Recall Group ---- chap-11

°                                         Right to Recall PM ---- chap-6 , section 6.6

°                                         Right to Recall Reserve Bank Governor ---- chap-9

°                                         Right to Reall Supreme Court judges ---- chap-7

°                                         RTI2 (aka Transparent Complain Filing) at National Level draft ---- section-1.2 , chap-1 , chap-3

°                                         RTI2 aka Transparent Complain Filing at State Levels draft ---- section-1.10

°                                         RTI2 aka Transparent Complain Filing at City Level draft ---- section-1.11

°                                         RTI2 aka Transparent Complain Filing via PIL ---- section-1.13

°                                         Saatya System ---- section-30.5

°                                         Spectrum Royalties ---- chap-5

°                                         Supreme Court judges (RTR SCjs) ---- chap-7

°                                         Swadeshi ---- chap-41

°                                         Tax reforms ---- chap-25

°                                         Transparent Complaint Filing ---- section 1.2 , chap-1

°                                         Udham Singh Plan ---- chap-46

°                                         Unemployment (reducing unemployment) ---- chap-26 , chap-41

°                                         Wealth Tax ---- chap-25 , section-25.4, section-25.5

°                                         Weaponization of us commons ---- chap-29

°                                         What can you do for Right to Recall Movement ---- chap-13



My (author’s) brief introduction




[ For a detailed introduction, pls see : http://www.facebook.com/mehtarahulc ]


I, Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta, did my B Tech from Indian Institute of Technology,  Delhi in Computer Science in 1990 and then did MS from New Jersey State University. I worked in USA till Mar-1999 and have been in India thereafter working as a software developer.


I started campaigning for right to recall PM, MP, Lokpal, Supreme Court judges in oct-1998. In oct-1998, I published the first set of proposed RTR law-drafts. And in 2004, I published the second set of RTR PM, MP etc drafts. The main difference or “innovation” in my proposed procedures as against RTR procedures actually used in USA is that my procedures  use “in-person appearance” and not signatures.  This brings down the cost by over 95%. The cost of RTR procedures I have proposed is less than Rs 3 per citizen per recall in first implementation and then reduces to few paise per citizen. As an example, the cost of  right to recall District Education Officer and MP procedures I have proposed is below Rs 45 lakhs per district and reduces to mere Rs 100,000 in the next round. As second example, the cost of right to recall PM or  Lokpal or Supreme Court judge procedures that I have proposed, which may involve 72 crore voters of India, below Rs 220 cr in first round and decreases to mere Rs 1 crore. When RTR comes, the Ministers, officers, judges etc start behaving properly and so need to recall sparingly comes. Eg less than two out of 600 Governors in US had to be recalled. So cost is non-issue anyway. The wrongful domination of India, which will increase when Lokpal system comes, can wreck weapon manufacturing, Maths Science education and growth of technology. RTR is necessary and sufficient reduce wrongful MNC domination in India and thus save India. Not  only that, RTR can also reduce poverty, corruption, inefficiency and improve education and Military. Further, only RTR and Jury System can also reduce nepotism prevalent in judiciary.


To inform citizens that “appearance based RTR draft” is cheap, immune to instability, can bring down corruption/inefficiency and also bring down wrongful MNC domination, I have been distributing pamphlets and posting on websites such as bharat-rakshak.com, orkut, facebook etc. Since dec-2008, I have been giving newspaper advertisements and have given about 15 advertisements in Gujarat Samachar, Divya Bhaskar, Ahmedabad Mirror and Indian Express. To further spread the information, I have been contesting elections. I was a candidate in Gandhinagar Loksabha election in May-2009. election. I got 7300 votes, and was 4th rank (Ms Mallikaben got 3rd rank with 9300 votes), and later I contested Ahmedabad Municipality elections in oct-2010 and later contested Assembly by-election in Khadia, Ahmedabad in feb-2011.