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Why is India facing Kashmir-type terrorism problem, while West does NOT?


  1. Introduction
  2. Why is India facing the problem of illegal immigration, while no Western country faces it to this extent?
  3. How can citizens of India solve immigration problem?


India is facing problem of a large number of Bangladeshies immigrating from Bangladesh into all states of India, but their propertion is much higher in North East states, perticularly Asam and Tripura. The fraction of Bangladeshi population has crossed 25%, and may cross 35% to 50% within 20-30 years. Not yet, but soon, India will face a seccessionist movement from these Bangladeshi immigrants in the North East state, and they may even start a movement join Bangladesh.

As of today, there is NO militant movement against the state from the Illegal immigrants. But near the border areas, the violent gangs of illegal immigrants, with explicit support from other immigrants, have already started using violence against non-bangladeshi locals to force them to flee and grab their land. And as usual, due to rampant corruption in policemen and judges, they manage to get away. As this land grabbing increases, there is a real possibility that the areas near border will become 100% Bangladeshi, and threat of seccession will become real.

No western country except US, faces problem of illegal immigartion to such an extent. In most western countries, number of illegal immigrants are less than 0.1% of the population. US has highest number of illegal immigrants, perhaps 1% of total population. But in US, there are NOT posing any threat of secession or threat to national security or threat on law/order.

So why is West facing no such threat, while India is facing a clear and present danger of immigration resulting into seccession? Are the reasons cultural or administrative? It is latter --- its is due to administrative reasons that India cant contain this problem. And by changing the administrative code, the citizens of India can solve this problem.

Reasons why India is facing problem of illegal immigration while Western countries DO NOT?

The Western countries have ID system, by which they have been able to reduce the illegal immigration.

The US too has ID system, and is capable of reducing illegal immigration to a near zero level. But the economic elite wants illegal immigration from Mexico and other Latine American countries to continue, so that wages remain low. Hence US's Senators, who have nexuses with these elitemen, are DELIBERATELY NOT enacting procedures that would use enable US's officers to use this ID system, and curb illegal immigration.

And in West/US, since the policemen/Jurors in are non-corrupt, the illegal immigrants are NOT able to force the locals to flee, and grab their lands. In India, since policemen/judges are corruption, violent immigrants force the locals to flee, and get away.

How can citizens of solve problem of illegal immigration

There are THREE distinct problems to be solved :
  1. henceforth, reduce the number of illegal immigrants to less than say 1 lakh per year or even lesser
  2. expel as many illegal immigrants as possible
  3. for the illegal immigrants, if they cant be expelled, the citizens of India need to ensure that illegal immigrants are NOT concentrated in any district, perticularly any border district so that there is no threat of seccession.
How can citizens of India attain above 3 objectives? Not easy, but NOT difficult eighter :
  1. Steps 1-3: The citizens should force MPs, MLAs and District Panchayat Members to create procedures that would enable citizens to pass laws in District Panchayats, Assemblies and Parliament. Please read LM.01 to see the procedure using which citizens can pass laws in District Panchayats and City Councils. Please read LM.02 to see the procedure using which citizens can pass laws in Assembly. And please read LM.03 to see the procedure using which citizens can pass laws in Parliament.

  2. Step 4 : The citizens of India, using LM.01 should pass drafts to enact procedure ID.01. This procedure will enable officers to create a National ID system, which will ensure that that illegal immigration reduces to near zero. This procedure cant expel existing illegal immigrants

  3. Step 5 : The citizens of India, using LM.01 should pass draft to enact procedure ID.02. This procedure will enable officers to create District level ID system, which will also reduce illegal immigration, and would help to improve ID.01. This will reduce illegal immigration, but wont be useful to expel illegal immigration.

  4. Step 6 : The citizens of India, using LM.03 should pass draft to enact procedure ID.03. This procedure will enable officers/citizens to initiate "Trial by Jury" against a suspected illegal immigrants to decide if he is illegal immigrants and/or bonafide citizen, or difficukt to decide in which case, the accused can stay anywhere in India except north east states, border districts and coastal districts. This procedure will enable citizens of India to expel a large number of illegal immigrants and disperse those cant be expelled in areas other than north-east and non-border districts of India, there by zeroing the threat of seccession.

With above steps, the citizens of India can reduce illegal immigration and zero the threat of seccessionist movement.

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